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European - Chinese Photographic Art Yearbook ( 1st European Edition)




European - Chinese Photographic Art Yearbook is a new and unique publication that will offer a comprehensive overview of current developments in photography by photographers and artists living and working in Europe, the book will create a dialogue with the European photographers and artists being seen in China.This is the first of a projected series, and published for the first time in London, this large format book covers both China and the Europe.

The European Edition is being launched in London, in order to more fully document the state of European photographic art and to promote the exchange of ideas between China and Europe. Sino European Art UK as the European editorial board is authorised by the Committee of China Photographic Art Yearbook in 2018. The yearbook will be published by a leading UK independent publisher.

The rise of China is one of the major global changes impacting on today’s world, yet many people in Europe, remain unaware of China’s contribution to cultural and artistic advances. This book, drawing together the work of leading photographers and artists, helps to address this deficiency.

Chinese Photographic Art Yearbook - European Edition will be collected by the British Library and the major libraries in Europe and university libraries each year. It will be distributed in the global photographic market by a leading independent publisher The target readers are photographic and art collectors, photographers, business investors and art lovers. It will attract an enormous audience over all the world.


Entry is open to: professional, student and amateur photographers worldwide. Whether you are working digitally, using film, or experimenting with more traditional processes, all subjects, genres and styles of photography can be entered.

If your works are selected, What will you award?

1. A European - Chinese Photographic Art Yearbook official certificate.

2. A copy of the European - Chinese Photographic Art Yearbook – European Edition.

3. You will be invited to the book launch.The host will introduce you to the main media and you will be in their reports. 

4. You may be recommended to become a member of the Royal Photographic Society.

5. You will have the opportunity for your works will have to be selected for the exhibition tour.

Disclaimer: All the works in this Almanac are electronic manuscripts, with no remuneration. The legal responsibility for the work, including copyright, is the responsibility of the author. The work must be owned by the author themself, must abide by laws and regulations, and not include works that violate the political, social, religious, and ethnic policies of China and Europe. The editorial board has been appointed to act in the capacity of producing the Yearbook.. For use in publicity, all participants are deemed to agree to the requirements of this document. Our Editorial Board reserves the right of final interpretation.


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