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Call for Artists - Celebrating our strengths in our Diversity - Online exhibition





Call ing all artists worldwide to join the DIVERSITY online exhibition.

I have often wondered at the diversity of humanity. What makes us who we are and what we are, the nations, the cultures, and the people all around the world. All different, yet the same. I have often marvelled at how similar we are, and how strong we become when we leave our differences behind.

However, imagine a world where there was only one type of person, a world where  the same person is replicated billions of times. What a boring world that would be. Don’t you agree?

What keeps us together is diversity itself, the diversity of humans.

What attracts us to each other is our difference, it pushes us to engage and discover one another. Our differences are what makes us unique, we should celebrate them. The diversity of humanity makes us strong, we should embrace it, And so I invite you once again to celebrate with us the diversity that is life itself in our new online exhibition:

Artists around the world will come together as one, to celebrate that which makes us who we are. That which unites us, that which keeps us together. Join us as we celebrate our strengths in our diversity. Join the exhibition today.

Art has been used for centuries as a means of unifying people, of strengthening our common heritage, of expressing our shared values and emotion, diversity is the basis of our survival, join us in this exhibition today. We are all the same. Join us in celebrating our unity and strength in diversity. Join the exhibition

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Win up to £1000 cash prizes
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1st Prize £500

2nd prize £300

3rd Prize £200


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