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International Call for Artists for Loei Art Fes in Northeastern Thailand





International Call for Artists for Loei Art Fes in Northeastern Thailand

Theme: Spirit of Origin, And the New Beginning

(Loei, 12 May, 2021) Loei Art Fes is calling for international artist’s submission. Themed “Spirit of Origin, And the New Beginning”, the art festival is scheduled to take place between 23 July and 1 August, 2021, celebrating the rich spiritual tradition in Loei, northeastern Thailand, while carefully introducing contemporary artistic elements to renew the conversation about identity, spirituality and development. From abandoned cinema, old gas station, central park, forest to local school and hospital, multiple sites are available for artists’ participation in the Dan Sai & Muang district. The festival welcomes all kinds of contemporary arts: Painting, Photographing, Video, Installation, Music, Performance, and especially multidisciplinary works. 

With restrictions imposed by the COVID pandemic, it is highly preferred that:

1. Artworks that can be transferred digitally via the internet.

2. Scripts / Manuals / Guidelines be provided for local practitioners to produce the artwork on site. Do NOT send the completed work / installation.

Interested parties can visit for details or fill out this form. The application deadline is June 7, 2021. Submissions will be carefully reviewed and all participants will be informed of the results by 15 June, 2021. 

More about Loei Art Fes
The organizer, Prayoon for Art, aspires to start a dialogue about Thailand’s art and culture within and beyond the country. Having successful runs of the Low Fat Art Fes previously in Bangkok, they moved on to a more ambitious and reflective project in the mountainous, sparsely populated, bordering province of Loei — an art festival aiming at empowering the provincial locals by fostering a safe space for collaboration and cultural exchange between art practitioners, local government, business sector, educators, health care institutions, cultural groups and more. 

Inspired by the renown Setouchi Triennale in Japan, Loei Arts Festival revolves around a specific set of local conditions - Loei’s distinct local cultural identity, the threat of gentrification and modernization, cultural sustainability, as well as the attempt to decentralize from Bangkok and its mainstream aesthetics. 

"[In Loei] we found a lot of active citizen networks that try to preserve their identities and cultures in a way that maintains diversity of the province, while seeking to make them contemporary. In the process of doing so, they try to make their voices heard, and communicate with authorities in hope of changing the ways they look at things. 

"We (the organiser) didn’t go there with the mentality of being a problem solver. We just try to prove that art can make Loei more livable and more fun for the locals and tourists outstandingly in a sustainable way.” said Wayla Amatathammachad, founder of Prayoon for Art. 

Key programmes include outdoor art installations scattered at multiple sites; chef-in-residence programme for culinary collaborations; music and dance performances of contemporary and/with traditional arts; community practices; and research and presentation project of Stories from Mekhong River Region. For details, please visit: 

Facebook: @lowfatartfes
Instagram: @loeiartfes

About Loei
Loei Province is in the Isan region, northeast Thailand. Its mountainous landscape and closeness to Laos allowed a distinctive identity and culture. Loei is perhaps most famous for its Phi Ta Khon mask parade, during which people put on colorful masks made from coconut husks and rice-steamer wicker baskets, dance to traditional tunes, shoot off rockets, and listen to stories of the Buddha. Its localized buddhist practice contrasts with dominant Theravada Buddhist religion of current day Thailand, while animistic rituals are still performed by the Tai Dam ethnic group In certain parts of the province. The traditional celebration is built upon the co-existence and mingling of multiple cultures and religious traditions. 

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