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T:AIM is a pop up experience of Stories Of Migrant Women. We are building up an online exhibition open to everyone who recognizes him/herself into the women’s universe in all its shades in a context of migration/expatriation. The artwork must be coherent with the proposed theme. There is no entry fee and selected artists will be represented at the “Estate Allo Spasimo” program in Palermo, Italy on the 30/08 - 01/9/19. This is an international competition and artists from any country are welcome to participate.

T: AIM - promoting the collaboration between social commitment and visual culture.


T: AIM is an event that collides visual culture and politics, in open protest with obscurantist, homotransophobic, misogynist, xenophobic and nationalist policies.

In a historical moment in which Italian national policies (but not only) focus on cultural debasement to take hold on the masses, T:AIM proposes cultural resistance and the construction of bridges between geographically distant realities.

T:AIM is a joint ARTivist project born from the collaboration of three artists based in the United Kingdom (Alice, Billy Jay and Anita) supported by the Municipality of Palermo and proposed for the summer season "Estate allo Spasimo" in the context of Palermo CulturE.

The need to cut out spaces for genre narratives is fundamental to this project which has as its central aim to analyse, compare, exchange materials, opinions, and contacts to connect distant realities and build trans-feminist cultural spaces.

This meaning of inclusion and rejection of the status quo will be developed by exploring the theme of women and all those who recognise themselves in the female universe, in a context of expatriation, migration and estrangement.

We want to celebrate the transfeminist universe as a protagonist in art and culture by combining artistic practice with social responsibility and awareness. This is the main reason that led us to create T: AIM - Transfeminism: Art Identity Movement.



The initiative will be a series of events divided into:

Meetings - networking and debate

Workshop - we will create a book of portraits based on the concept T: AIM - Transfeminism: art-identity-movement. The workshop is subject to booking. We will give details on the modalities with a dedicated post, follow us on the blog

Thematic insights - There will be artists, activists, and experts will give insight on their cultural areas of reference.

Activities and exhibitions will be held at the salon above the walls, within the monumental complex of Santa Maria dello Spasimo.

If you are interested in being part of our lineup (e.g. talk, reading), please do not hesitate to contact us no later than 28th of June

Place and time.

Estate Allo Spasimo 2019 ​
30-31.08/ 1.09.2019 
Salone sopra le mura, Santa Maria Dello Spasimo
Via Dello Spasimo, 10, 90133 Palermo PA, Italy​


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
there is no entry fee but, since we are self funding this event, if you want to support us
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