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How Mentoring With Laura I. Art Gallery has helped me connect with more clients and secure sells of over 23 paintings in only a few weeks.




We understand how creatives and art makers are undergoing a straining financial struggle lately, so we’ve come together to propose a solution. We are proud to have built a solid track record in providing artists and creatives with some of the highest standard of mentoring sessions, devised to help artists pursue their goals and create the income their talent deserves.

We have invited one of our own very talented artists, Glenn Badham, to share his story. In a live conversation, Glenn will take you through the process of how mentoring sessions helped him sell out over 23 paintings in his one man show, secured 4 commissions and build great connections with his collectors.

In this unique event, artists will be able to ask questions and establish a welcomed dialogue with both Glenn and Laura,the CEO of the Laura I. Art Gallery CIC. Tune in if you’d like to gain valuable tips on how and where to sell your art.

As Laura expands on the difficulty of the present, she also shares her positive outlook. “Selling art isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible” she states, “and you shouldn’t see it as impossible. Any artist can sell their art as long as they know who they are and have their goals clearly planned out black on white. Artists come to me to find their voice and sometimes, like Glenn, they realise how to acknowledge it. From there, we work together in setting up real strategic plans to get your art seen and sold. We all need to understand that to succeed in life, you need to be ready to invest in yourself, so that people will invest in you too. You have to be willing to work on yourself, polish your talent, realise your value and, when needed, spend 20 pounds for your artistic growth. You can’t expect people to find something in you and your art, until you become a firm believer of your own worth.”

To participate in this webinar, please do not forget to book your place, as we have a 100 people limit. We are going to give out 50 free tickets. After that there will be a 5 pounds’ admin fee, to cover the expenses of hosting this online event and to help us continue providing more free tickets to our future events.


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