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Women Artists: Speak Out About the Issues!





Women Artists Speak Out About the Issues!


February & March 2019

Liz Long Gallery

1957 S. Spaulding Ave. at 21st   

Chicago, Illinois   60623

In addition to other subjects of interest to women, artists ARE ENCOURAGED to create and submit art that tells a story about violence against women & girls - whether in the past or current. We gather art for display that shows how violence against women & girls is happening now, and how it's use in the past, shows how women have been controlled through fear.

Rape keeps women from going outside and having a full life. Domestic violence keeps women in abusive relationships and away from their own personal power. Honor killings keep women from leading full lives & having options. These are just a few ways that women are controlled by violence.

Women need to continue to speak up and let their voices be heard. Men who support women need to get on board. Women need platforms for their opinions and their voices to be heard. This art show will allow viewers to discuss what they see, and what the status of women's & girls lives are like.

During the art show, we will offer art workshops to make art about issues women are particularly concerned about.


Right now these are the shows coming up:                   

February/March: Women Speak Up About Important Issues              

April/May: International Artists                                                  

June/July: About Animals

August/December: Represented artists (and other shows as appropriate)

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