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Worldview: The Anthropology of Eco-Vision





Primo Piano LivinGallery is pleased to announce the new contemporary art exhibition entitled: "Worldview: The anthropology of eco-vision", curated by Dores Sacquegna. The exhibition will be set up at the Palmieri's Foundation, an ancient and Renaissance location in the heart of the old city of Lecce from 7th to 21th December 2020. Lecce is the capital of Baroque in Southern Italy, also known for the beauty of its landscape and for paper mache. Florence of the south is called for its numerous architectural and artistic riches and heritage.

The show  is a research art project that testifies with an experiential and artistic approach, the interference that human activity has produced on the natural cycles of the planet, proposing a reflection of the impact of our species on Earth, more than ever present in the moment of a global pandemic and which strongly questions the unstable balance between man and nature.

Between vision and perception, artists are asked to represent their point of view on the theme with their works, in line with an ecological vision of the world and reflecting on words such as: NATURE – NATURANS (Nature and artifice); SUSTAINABILITY – ADAPTATION (protection of animal and plant biodiversity, separate collection of waste, plastic, drifters and pollution, natural resources, eco-sustainable materials etc); CHANGE – COEXISTENCE (climate change, solidarity between individuals and the environment, optimistic visions, aesthetic balance of nature, etc.).

Covid-19 Pandemic allow us to reflect on the real power of art, to restore, uplift, inspire and offer to all a hope for the future. International artists are welcome to submit works before of OCTOBER, 10, 2020.This is a great opportunity not to be missed!

The Exhibition  includes:

  • Video & Films Review by recognized Land Artists;
  • Opening and drink Welcome;
  • Live Performance;
  • Printed and PDF version Art Catalogs
  • Video Presentation and video Catalog of the event
  • Curatorial texts in Italian and English language
  • Award & Fellowship;
  • Contemporary Art Calendar 2021;
  • Kit Press;
  • Artworks for sale in situ and online by e-commerce


In conjunction with the exhibition and from 1 to 9 December 2020, we have an urban art residency in the city of Lecce, if you are interested. The works made during the residency will be exhibited in this exhibition. To learn more about art residency see on this link and contact us at thanks! You're welcome

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Prize & Award
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To increase the artist's career opportunities we will give visibility with prizes and certificates on parchment paper.

To learn more visit website or ask for guideline


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Send your portfolio on PDF with captions and link website to



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