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Starting with October 2017 a new space dedicated to contemporary Art and Culture will be born in Venice.

An open space, 130 MQ large, which is already part of the Venice Biennale circuit and known as Spazio Kanz.

It will be made available to curators, intellectuals that wish to  promote their work in one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

An ideal location in which to organize exhibitions both personal and collective, workshops and conferences, in which to lend books and launch round table discussions: a concrete cultural propeller and cultural gathering focus.

In view of the artistic ferment that the 57nth Biennale d’arte “Viva Arte Viva” has brought to Venice and taking advantage of opening of the space, LOFT 1592, in collaboration with “Vernice Contemporanea Art Management”, intends to organize and promote during the month of October, in conjunction with the most important artistic event ever, a collective exhibition with FREE SUBJECT,  FREE THEME CHOICE where well known and young artists will be able to take part to shows and to exhibit their work.



FIND ME is going to be the title of the next show. A free expression and research will be the opportunity to make the public, the artists and organization staff meeting through Art and dialogue: an exclusive map will be printed for the occasion.

The exhibition project  will consist in a single installation composed of all the selected works. They will be placed on the most inspiring wall of the gallery (a 9 mt long and 4,50mt high full bricks faced wall): neither the artists’ name, neither the title of their works or their explanation will be announced or available. It will be part of the visitors’ exclusive  choice and interaction the activation of the knowing process.

The visitor will initially choice a work from the composition and will be in relation with all the texts related to the projects (they won’t be linked to authors’ names) that will be published on the map and select the right one.

Only after he will know the name of the author thanks to the details on the map. Visitors will be also allowed to leave their own written opinion and thought or a simple comment on the selected work so that a spontaneous intellectual and scientific contribution could be created and it will compose one more unreleased map that will be presented at the end of the show.

“For a unconventional Art, as a different choice, as an answer to the current system, as an expressive but also existential effort. For the Art that  renounces the spotlights, looking for the separation that belongs to the monk or to the rebel. For an Art against anyway.”

                                                                                                                                                                                    Prof. Gian Ruggero Manzoni

FIND ME, a free expression and research between visitors, artworks, intellectual projects and authors. 

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