Baroque Bitch is launching its first ever published magazine featuring emerging artists from the US and UK! The magazine will be published both as an E-magazine and as a physical one that will be mailed to prominent art organizations, galleries, critics, and curators in the Los Angeles, New York City, and London area.

We are looking for the most unique and underrepresented voices in the art scene today. There is no theme for submission. Special consideration given to recent MFA graduates. We accept submissions in all art forms including: painting, printmaking, sculptural, new media, performative, digital, prose, poetry, and critical art essays. Please note at this time we cannot accept video submissions. If you work in new media you can still apply with slides and a summary of your work.

Selected artists will receive a free copy of the magazine and all artists will be considered for future exhibition opportunities Baroque Bitch is organizing with downtown LA spaces.

About the Selection Process: This came out of a need to sustain a creative life after graduate school. MFA's are pumping out more professional artists than any other time in history and yet the art world as we know it is declining. Galleries are dying and making a living off your passion is harder than ever. Baroque Bitch's mission is to provide unique opportunities that promote a sustainable lifestyle for emerging and unknown artists. A big concept at Baroque Bitch focuses around flipping power dynamics. Instead of waiting for big names and big organizations to recognize our generation's talent and vision, we have decided to run with the ball ourselves and create our own opportunities for getting our work seen. This is a real "For us, by Us" concept. We aren't going to wait for permission granters to allow us into the room, we are just going to take the platform and see what happens.

In keeping with that quest, each Guest Curator is an emerging artist and critic, right down in the trenches with us

I'm very excited to announce that this inaugural edition's Guest Critic is Emerging artist, critic, and curator Megan St. Clair.

Megan is a recent MFA graduate and has art criticism articles published on ArtBlitzLa. Megan has a keen eye for visually entrancing work. She has the perfect blend of a painter's sensibilities and a conceptual artist's critical investigation of provocative and unique thinking. My favorite part of Megan's critical eye is her ability to dissect real compelling artwork from fashionable bullshit.

Curator's Bio:

Through the reverse engineering of her memory and experience, Megan attempts to understand relationships, love, time, vulnerability, and closeness in her personal art practice. Megan is a recent graduate with her masters in fine art from Claremont Graduate University and is profoundly interested and knowledgeable in art history and contemporary art in Los Angeles. Her current thesis work can be found at

You can pay for your submission here and afterwards please email up to 5 images of your work, your CV, and artist statement to Incomplete submissions will not be considered

(Please note: We have tried to keep submission fee as low as possible. Unfortunately due to costs incurred by advertising on prominent submission websites, paying for a curator and publication costs, artist submission fee is not waived at this time. We hope in the future to provide a free submission process.)

You can pay for your submission at:

Afterwards please email up to 5 images of your work saved as FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME_TITLE, your CV, and artist statement to Incomplete submissions will not be considered

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