Food& Losers



Food& is a Berlin-based biannual independent publication that explores unusual encounters with food, challenging food conventions, and offering a platform for experimentation, inspiration, exchange and fun. We launched our first issue in June 2016, and since then we have release three fantastic (and rather absurd) issues: Food & Bathrooms, Food & Aliens, Food& Sports, Food& Nuclear War and Food& Love.

We’re looking for writers, artists, designers and thinkers to collaborate on our next issue, which is titled Food & Losers. Proposals are completely free of content, language and medium, as long as they have some kind of relation between food and the chosen theme. We’re open to all kinds of ideas, and hence, encourage our collaborators to approach the theme carefully, not settling for anything too obvious or bearing an immediate relation to the theme. The limit does not lie on the words ‘food’ and ‘losers’, but one can use it as starting point for the theme and explore its peripheries.

The deadline for submitting content is 1st of May 2019 (included).

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