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Out of Body



Out Of Body is an online exhibition about who we become when nobody's watching. It’s a response to our ever increasing sense of isolation and the discoveries we make about ourselves in the face of solitude. It’s a gathering of community in a time when we are forced apart. It’s a celebration of our diverse stories, a testament to our commonality, a recognition of our resilience. It’s a call out to the dreamers, to please never stop

The global appeal for distance and isolation in this pandemic has created a shift within us. Everything is different now. How we relate to our bodies. How we see our environment. How we connect with others. How we come to understand that perhaps we were already lonely, it was just drowned out by the din of the crowd.

Artists, Writers, Designers, Makers, Thinkers, Dreamers. 

This is a question for you. 

What happens when we are alone? When there is us and only us, where do our minds like to wander, where is it that we go?

If we shut our eyes

If we ignore the buzz

If we stop what we’re doing

If we mute the news

If we hide the to-do lists

If we unplug the WiFi 

If we silence our phones

Can we leave our body behind?



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