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Teaching Children about Racial Justice



Preliminary Curatorial Statement:

Racial justice entails more than simply self-identifying as being “anti-racism.” Achieving true racial justice requires numerous resources, one of the most important ones being time. Hate crime and racism often stem from a lack of education. Therefore, racial equity education is one of the most imperative solutions in the fight for racial equality. 

Racial equality is defined as the fundamental impartial treatment of individuals of all races, resulting in equal access and opportunities for everyone. Racial justice is the elimination of inequity and discrimination to attain and preserve racial equity through preventive actions. Clear, direct ideas regarding racial justice need to be conveyed to children so as to encourage them to take the initiative in the path toward racial equality. Through this honest communication, we are all motivated and empowered to make positive changes in ourselves, our communities, and our societies for the development of children and young adults. This exhibition makes future generations engage in social justice for real change. The art presented aims to create diverse and grounded discourse regarding racial equity as a direct response to a rapidly changing art world and as a way to navigate, foster, and cultivate conversations with the public. 

It is vital to have important, open dialogues regarding race with children and to know how to best communicate those messages in a manner that is able to be understood by young minds. It is crucial to validate children’s experiences, such as how simply existing in the world as anything other than “white” may lead them to experience less safety. Adults need to instill in children the value and beauty that every individual has, despite others’ unawareness of it. Warnings of what they may encounter should be honestly given to children, consistently paired with reassurances of their self-worth. 


Gallery A: Gallery A addresses the concern of injustices and inequality through artworks that allow audiences to gain an understanding of racial equity. In addition, the works expand that reality to recognize Asian hate and racism through deeper visual and emotional connections with children, their families, and our community. 

Gallery B: Gallery B fosters conversations with children, their families, and our community through new media artwork. The artworks in Gallery B expand network moments with people and enable social justice for real change. The art also works to develop a deeper, moving connection with people. Through building relationships and strengthening networks, this exhibition’s connection to people fosters broader opportunities for racial justice and public engagement against inequity. 


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