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Deriving from the idea of Judith Butler's unfulfilled promise of writing about “the place of sharp machines” and “the technology of the knife in debates about intersexuality and transsexuality alike,” the publication "Queer Body Horror" aims to "force an encounter with the real of the biological body and the difference it introduces into the world, the real of the sexed body, that exceeds the being of the phenomenological lived body and the discursive body, while somehow still being intertwined with these other two bodies...". To "force encounters with real and nonhuman objects and actors that cannot be reduced to correlates of human thought, language, perception, or use but that have to be approached in their own autonomous being to properly be thought": a horrifying thought, so to say. The publication argues and explores the validity of the hypothesis that there is neither Object-oriented Ontology nor Speculative Realism without Queer Theory. As such, the idea of 'Queer Body Horror' that Throne Room would love to see you explore doesn't necessarily describe the state of a body, but rather deals with the conditions it faces. It reflects on the method according to which queer space is being created in normative systems, what performative practices a queer body can and needs to adhere to in order to function therein, or to dream up a utopian or nightmarish scenario about queer bodies and "sharp machines".

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The framework includes a physical book publication with IBAN and a digital issue.


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