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Moving Body Festival #6 Critical Moves! OPEN CALL 2021





Moving Body festival platform is dedicated to connecting artists, mediums and audiences through art that shares a strong choreographic sensibility.

The COVID-19 pandemic affects all spheres of both our personal and professional lives, presenting the performing arts with enormous challenges and an urgent need to re-organize their activities, to rethink their role and place in society. Therefore, in 2021, through the instrument of choreography and the lens of the festival platform Moving Body, we want to find those new readings of the current environmental and socio-political challenges of our time, which will become a starting point for our discussions during the main program of the edition in November 2021.

We all seem to be striving at this moment (striving we believe is the need for communication and direction) to join a large-scale collective moving body, а material as well as an abstract one, but always a body in motion, which through our virtual screens seems pixelated, incomplete, in search of experiencing its identity – the only thing that makes it feel whole.

Questioning the existing fixed notions in our language, the possible directions for the future, and the reality where the subjective and the objective meet, moves us to take and experiment in different directions in the landscape of the collective mind, examining possibilities for our future as a species, as human beings, standing on the result of History. Every standing body develops over time a resisting mechanism against gravity, and standing itself, where the feet and the surface meet, is an act of pushing the ground.

The critical moves, which we perceive as a rich territory in which we stand and push the ground, provoke us to ask again the questions which work as a driving force for the Moving Body platform: How do we move? What moves us? In which direction are we moving? How do we move from an individual toward a collective body shaping the future history? How do we move in a time of Catastrophe?

The festival invites scholars, artists and other multidisciplinary participants to submit works of WRITING, VISUAL ART, SOUND AND NEW MEDIA… as every media is perceived as a critical body which explores new modes of coexisting between all forms of life and art. We would like to provide an orientation with which to discuss the current ecological and sociopolitical challenges of our time, through the lens of the Moving Body platform.

Prizes Details: 

Every selected project will receive a Moving Body Digital diploma and the best works from each category will be awarded the financial support of €150.

We understand this is more of a symbolic sum for your achievement, rather than a significant one, but we want to show our appreciation and support as an organisation, despite the fact that this year our funds were cut. We do not wish for this obstacle to get in the way of our passionate aim to coordinate the sixth edition of the initiative in which we believe in. In this line of thought, all participation fees will be invested in the live, digital and possibly printed realisation of Moving Body Festival 2021.

We thank you for the understanding and support from your side, and we wish you to always keep the motivated inner creative fire burning!


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