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Call for submission to tour in China




Hello, people! 

This is a production company, Alliance Occident-Orient, based in Paris. We are currently selecting shows (performing arts-oriented) for 2019 fall season to tour in China. 

According to the genres our Chinese partners are looking for and due to the budget constraints, the shows are preferably:

  • small-sized;
  • more entertaining (some of the targeted audience are family and kids )
  • due to language barriers, theater plays without Chinese texts will not be taken into consideration this time. 

We welcome artists from Europe and elsewhere to submit their creative works to us with your bios, show reels and distribution materilals, either in French or in English. As we are building our talents pools in Europe, feel free to contact us and let us know if you have any great porjects that we could distribute to China in the future. 


Entry Fee:

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