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Reclaim Award





Billboards become cultural conceptual surfaces, artistic canvases, or photographic landscapes. The city a public museum. Reclaim replaces advertising on large surfaces with your art. 

With the award we want to make a contribution towards culturally enhancing the public space and making Cologne’s urban profile more attractive. We want to display billboards that stimulate, illustrate diversity and difference and open up conceptual spaces. Billboards that inspire and activate and have free and independent content. We want to make a contribution towards ensuring more discussions about the shaping and use of the public space. We want surfaces that puzzle us and promote experimental and lateral thinking. Easily perceivable, public and for everyone!

To this end, we are inviting entries to a competition where the winners will exhibit their works in the form of 18/1 posters on billboards rented in a central location, for the duration of 10 days. Artists from all fields and all countries are welcome to participate in the competition.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Entry fee is 25 €. It will be used to reclaim as many billboards as possible.
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