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Interested in having your art published, printed, and posted directly to your doorstep? Participate alongside a broad range of incredible artists, all underpinned by this iteration's theme: "Favourit"SU4IP welcomes artists and their creations to feature in the seventh installment of the Artist Book by SU4IP series. Send in your favourite works, (created by you!) to be showcased alongside other fantastic artists. All art in any medium related to this theme is welcome!

"Favourit" is the seventh iteration of a submission-style publication produced by SU4IP. Welcoming all submissions focused on favourited artwork(s) created by you. The Artist Book by SU4IP series has showcased a growing list of over 150 artists, many of whom are featured across multiple editions.

This publication aims to create a paperbound exhibition of works favoured by their creators. There is such great emphasis on creating work that pleases others, conforms to external expectations, or is subconsciously influenced by ongoing trends, that it is hard to fully appreciate your own creativity. Furthermore, the works we prefer can often be overlooked by others, and subsequently withheld from the spotlight.

There are countless times in which we create works that we simply adore, only for them to underperform relative to our expectations. Alternatively, there are works that may not show much promise, only to receive unexpectedly high praise. The world of a contemporary artist, irrespective of medium, location, or interests, is unpredictable. "Favourit" exists as a space to freely showcase a selection of our own works we treasure the most, free from external concerns.

A rustic woodblock print with twisting and writhing caverns of rugged impressions holds an entirely unique characteristic of being crafted from inherited carving tools, and engraved into an antique slab of oak from a tree once in the makers' grandparents' garden. Holding not only great sentimental value, but also acting as a vassal for hereditary skills, hardware, and materials to endure the ages in an entirely new way.

An abstract-expressionist portrait of a childhood friend distorts their likeness, leaving only their most iconic features behind for the viewer to piece together. Although hard to interpret, this work is of great importance to the artist, as it symbolises their enduring friendship with the subject.

An experimental, mixed-media collage, comprising of found materials such as packaging, yarn, paper, and cotton, symbolises the first step the artist took towards a new creative journey with experimental mediums. A precurser to the success that was to follow, and a symbol of a new beginning for their practice.

A terracotta sculpture composed on a summers day of such radiance, that memories of it are visualised in an almost dreamlike state. This piece is a tangible manifestation of this otherwise lucid memory.

An analogue photograph of a now-demolished brutalist building at the heart of a thriving city. Like the photo format itself, the relentless erosion of treasured artefacts is something that can only be battled by thorough documentation, and the act of preserving the past for generations to come. This photo is treasured by the photographer through its ability to allow them to be happy for what once, while welcoming change.

These are just a few examples of how the concept of "Favourit" could be associated with your work or practice. All mediums and formats are welcome, subject to the viability of being printed in a book. SU4IP invites you to push the boundaries of what "Favourit" could mean, and how it can be portrayed in your submission.

favourite /ˈfeɪ.vər.ɪt/

determiner, pronoun, adverb

best liked or most enjoyed:

  • "What's your favourite colour?" "Green."
  • my favourite restaurant/book/song

(Source(s): https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/favourite)

Featured artists will receive:

  • A copy of the publication packaged and sent to their address (using biodegradable packaging).
  • A double-page spread containing images of their work, a Q&A, and information about their practice.

About the publication:

  • Designed and curated by myself. 
  • Spiral (wiro) bound and digitally printed on heavy, opaque, and high-quality paper for the best visibility and legibility. (Cover: 250 gsm, roughly half the thickness of a credit card. Inside Pages: 170 gsm.)
  • It will be A5 portrait (210 x 148 mm).
  • All Artist Book by SU4IP publications are circulated at book fairs around the UK, and online—putting your work, bio, and contact information in the hands of thousands of individuals every year, including curators, enthusiasts, event organisers, artists, and everyone inbetween.
  • Will be featured on su4ip.cargo.site under publications, as well as @lyndonwatkinson (SU4IP) Instagram. Here you will also find all of the previous installations of the Artist Book by SU4IP series, including "Tension""Weightless""Noir""Plantae""More or Less?"; and "Order" - Artist Book by SU4IP.
  • All material showcased in the publication is property of each respective artist involved! Participating in this project simply allows me the right to curate it in this format.


Free to submit! Successful applicants must pay a fee of £20 to cover the printing, packaging, and postage of a copy of the publication to be sent to them.

Event date: 
August 1, 2024 to August 7, 2024
Sheffield, UK + Online

Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 
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