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Artist Of The Month
A competition established to encourage the pursuit of excellence in visual arts.

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Hannah Park
A vessel for light and shadow Light is always bright and positive. On the other hand, shadows created by light are often used in a negative sense. Light and shadow, as they do, coexist and are used in opposite meanings. Accordingly, I capture the pure and clear image of my childhood as a work, exp...
China SAR/ Canada
Hong Kong/ Vancouver
I see myself as a storyteller, my practice is rooted within my current environment, experience, and heritage then being defined and narrowed into artwork(s). Escaping categorization or labeling is not my intention. My belief in somatic history, which embodies history, is that one can carry the cultu...
Grégoire A. Meyer
My art examines the body in its extraordinary simplicity as biological, digital and aesthetic organism.
Margot Hartford
United States of America
San Francisco
When I was forced to keep my distance during these days of Covid I decided to put together a photo series of women on their own. Women by themselves illustrated through quiet, wistful images. Alone but content and capable. I was hoping to capture these inbetween moments in a colorful and optomistic...
Marta Mazzanti
Three years ago I started this series of oil paintings called “inner landscape”. They are photorealistic paintings of landscapes that resonate deeply with my feelings. When I paint them it’s like an opportunity for me to analyze, understand and release my emotions. Currently there are two of th...
Ilar Gunilla Persson
My art could be described, abstract images, thundering landscapes with installations, political social art interspersed with Nordic mysticism. I work with things close to me to affect, question and hopefully influence.
Olga Zafeiropoulou
I create to find serenity and pass it on people. Facing my deepest fears and turn them into happiness.  Helping others, through my art, to do the same. Identify demons. Accept their existence. Find power. Create merriment. Clay is just an ongoing assistant, which I deeply appreciate....
Anne Cécile Surga
I am searching the spectrum of the personal and the emotional, and how our contemporary consumerist society affects the way we live, feel and develop the notion of the selves. I am interested in how human continue to be true to their core in this environment despite the daily violence it obliges...



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