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Artist Of The Month
A competition established to encourage the pursuit of excellence in visual arts.

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Kristina Kassem
United States
Kristina Kassem is a Brooklyn based painter and designer. Her current work explores both deconstructing the traditional portrait as well as traditional beauty's ephemerality.
Pan Huang
the United Kingdom
My art attempts to describe the complex interplay between the subconscious emotions aroused by music and their visual representation. Music, with its profound ability to awaken our most profound sentiments, serves as the impetus for this artistic journey. The emotions that a tune invokes act as a co...
Halle Luttrell
United States
New York
The concept of my work revolves around the female gaze and personal connection. In my practice, I use realism and oil paint to express my perception of the women in my life, often including mixed media to exemplify that vision further. My work conveys the cinematic origin of “the gaze” terminology b...
Merche Moriana
Accepting that others judged me was difficult, but the most essential revelation of my life was to discover that my greatest enemy lay in my own head. It was by looking inward that I realized that the judgment that froze me was the one that I was making of myself, a ballast that prevented me from mo...
Emanuela Iuliana Harris Sintamarian
United States
As an immigrant artist, my work is informed by the relationship between my identity to my sense of displacement, and the ways I have devised to reconcile those incongruous elements.  I am interested in perception, memory and the mechanics of motion, their visual translation, and the dichotomies...
Yam Shalev
I paint to create a more positive world than the world I came from. Although the paintings are colorful, bright, childish and fantastical, they are a direct result of a small, complex and full of land wars and conflicts, an Israeli environment where I grew up and to this day identify with its lan...
Julia-Anna Simonchuk
The UK
In my research and practice I am exploring ideas around power, ideology, war, cultural identity, historical & personal memory and time. The focus is on the urban and the natural landscapes in relation to ideology, specifically - architecture under totalitarian regimes. I am engaging with the con...
Jawsh Smyth
Los Angeles
Jawsh Smyth paints and draws pop-surreal scenes with abstracted figures. Guided by a recurring alter ego, viewers are invited on a symbolic quest to explore internal and external landscapes, environments, and states of being, while filtering the anxieties of the digital age and global warming....



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