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Artist Of The Month
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Ophelia Redpath
United Kingdom
When I paint, I treat my subjects with the attitude of a wildlife photographer, never quite sure what I will find, and whether I shall be ambushed in the process.  There may be a plan at the outset, but at the back of my mind, I'm ready for the characters and creatures to take on a life of thei...
Charlotte B
Much of my practice is rooted in the philosophy of freedom of emotional expression. The aesthetic is melancholy and contrasted with most works exuding both obvious and subtle human emotions. I am fascinated with the complexities of human expressions, distinctly the face of the elderly, as life...
Alfield Reeves
United States
Grand Rapids
Our world is filled with a barrage of distractions that can provide escapes and facades to hide our true selves. Many people show how they want others to view them, few people show who they really are. We are intricate beings. Alfield’s work not only captures our complexities, but aims to inspire pe...
Agata di Masternak
United Kingdom UK
I explore my subject to the very boundaries between life and death. My art reflects the transcendent act of crossing the border of souls living in the body.
marlies plank
Lockdown Soap Bubbles Studies is a collection of works born out of the 2020 pandemic, and part of the wider Soap Bubbles Studies photography series which depicts soap bubbles floating in front of uninhabited natural landscapes. In place of the natural settings characteristics of the o...
Yasmin Sharabi
Yasmin Sharabi explores her heritage and identity, through her drawings of memories of a specific moment in time. Derived from photographs that either she has taken or that have been passed down through generations, these are replicas of real scenes. Despite their lyricism, nothing is fictionaliz...
Jonathan Bocca
life is just a moment that's why we need to change what we feel wrong 
Vicky Talwar
As an artist, I use my intersecting social identities as South-Asian, female, post-colonial, diasporic and Canadian to engage with themes including cultural disruption, movement, and memory. Flower garlands, a staple in Indian tradition, evoke memories of my time living in India. Surrounded by the b...



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