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Toshiaki Uchikoshi
Seek for the harmony of light and shadow and the possibility of expression beyond dimensions. Artworks based on traditional Japanese beauty are made of various materials such as polarizing film and Japanese paper as an expression of light.
Dora Duan
Unite States
“Restless” Memories are collective moments, which sometimes remain with us as a shadow, even though they are intangible. Over the past few years, I have been thinking about imperfection and unworthiness. This body of work investigates some uneasy or vulnerable moments in my earlier life as a way...
Anastasia Ivashchenko
The mysterious painting "Black and White Destiny" is dedicated to girls and women who have been abused and mistreated at home, such as marriage or cohabitation. In the world, the vast majority of victims of domestic violence are women, as they are more fragile and weaker than men. It is often pointe...
Jason Ward
United States
Los Angeles
When a graduate professor showed my classmates and I a presentation on portraiture, I decided that I had zero interest in ever making flattering photographs. So, instead of emulating her examples of perfectly lit and heavily airbrushed subjects, I endeavored to make a highly unflattering portrait. I...
Rachel Cassandra Gibbons
United States
New York City
As a Floridian transplant, living in New York City has deeply impacted not only the way my work is made but also the way that I see myself. Throughout my life as a young black woman and artist, I have often been othered and made invisible within the spaces I frequent. I believe my work is a direct r...
Charlotte B
Much of my practice is rooted in the philosophy of freedom of emotional expression. The aesthetic is melancholy and contrasted with most works exuding both obvious and subtle human emotions. I am fascinated with the complexities of human expressions, distinctly the face of the elderly, as life...
Krzysztof Pastuszka
United States
Krzysztof Pastuszka is a visual artist and creative engineer. He focuses on the complexity and tension in transition by giving voice to his experience growing up as a trans kid in the late 90s. He uses mechanisms to create a multitude of parts dependent on one another to concentrate on movement and...
Nathaly Orozco
United States
Santa Monica
My parents immigrated from Guatemala to the United States in search of that “American Dream” but never abandoning their roots, and so my work encompasses the beauty and history of Guatemala. I wanted to not only demonstrate the scenic landscapes but also capture the culture through colors and p...



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