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Artist Of The Month
A competition established to encourage the pursuit of excellence in visual arts.

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My name is Sarthak, I am not a professionally trained artist, currently I am pursuing engineering from GGSIPU in electronics and communication. I am an amateur artist who is trying to create his own perspective of seeing things. I try to express my thoughts through my art.   In past 3 y...
Vicky Paul
United Kingdon
Noah Davis said: “painting, like spirituality, makes people very uncomfortable.” Uncomfortable is good. It’s the juicy intersection between the chaos and unpredictability of the outside world, and the peace and tranquillity of the inside world. As an abstract artist, I use acrylic and mixed media...
Kim Oberoi
United Arab Emirates
My work essentially explores the dimensions of consciousness in human awareness with its internal and external stimuli as a response to the societal, environmental and personal experiences. Art has offered me solace, healing and a source if constant learning in this ever changing world. My work pred...
Phil N Leith-Tetrault
United States
My work explores the idea of beauty in desolation. Inspired by my childhood trips to Greenland, Newfoundland, and Northern Quebec, I emphasize the pristine beauty of these environments as well as their loneliness and distance from the modern world. The landscapes suggest places free of society's gri...
Facundo Kostelak
It is interesting to think of art as a constant in life, not as an ephemeral and naked movement of coherence, but rather as a card to be played in everyday life and as an anchor to the impossible-possible, since I believe that logic plays a trick to those who daydream. I call a conclave the momen...
Nomi Hirshman-Rave
United States
New York
"I enjoy photographing flowers and create visual pleasing images. for the past 2 months I've been working in my Woodstock studio photographing flowers from my neighbors and my backyard and some from local and long distance farms. I usually spend 5-8 hours a day in the studio working on new images. T...
Kristin Anderson
United States
Artist Statement - Generation Alpha This series, called ‘Generation Alpha’, explores ideas of surrealism, the uncanny, and how humans of different generations relate to the state of the world. It came about during the pandemic, when old photographs I had been collecting for years with no real pur...
Ringo Lisko
United States
     I am a multi-media sculptor, drawing inspiration from the body, sensuality, and awareness. My process is based in metal casting and fabrication, as I am drawn to the compelling and complex history inherent in these practices. From this more traditional groundwork, I incorporate e...



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