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Artist Of The Month
A competition established to encourage the pursuit of excellence in visual arts.

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Heidi Neumann
Sometimes I see a painting or a photo and I get a flash of a memory or a feeling. These are the moments that inspire me to create an art piece capturing this personal event. I use realism and abstraction in my paintings trying to create the feeling of uncertainty, like in a dream in which certain im...
Anita Clipston
United States
New York
Wearing & Unraveling Trauma  There have always been threads, whether conscious or subconscious, that have woven through the fabric of my life. For me these threads have been Cocoons of Love and Cages of Trauma. The rooms in my paintings are imagined spaces that hold within them the tr...
Agata di Masternak
United Kingdom UK
I explore my subject to the very boundaries between life and death. My art reflects the transcendent act of crossing the border of souls living in the body.
Linda Chapman
Greater London
Photograph of a window showing reflections and refraction, taken as it happens without any filters or manipulation. Urban windows offer such fascinating frames, showing an image, a representation, its counterpart, giving back. Giving away so much but never telling the truth. What is inside? What is...
Craig Scoffone
San Jose
I've found the female nude to be an outstanding photographic theme to create with, since I first started creating photographic art many years ago.  My compositional style, I would have to say, is more sculptural and design oriented, than, say, portraiture.  I like to work with the simple s...
Marco Riha
Originally from Austria, Marco Riha has started his  long creative  journey  in Sri Lanka in the early nineties. The self-taught artist he kept on painting and travelling for some years until he found in Mexico his creative home base. The visual arts fascinate Riha, like the possibili...
Akane Hiraoka
United Kingdom
Reality is generated by digital information and the electrical signals in your brain interpret that data into what you call reality.
ilayda tenim
“FEELS LIKE HOME” by İlayda Tenim In Japan, public space has a lot of rules that create a huge difference between how a person acts at home, in his/her personal space and out in public; stripping the daily life from its magic and turning it into more of a staged play. The series ‘Feels Like Home’...



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