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Non-obvious collages, however, consisting of integrally simple and limited compositions. Drawing attention to female beauty, bringing out the best in photography.
Liz Darrell
New York
Pulling from the experiences I’ve gathered in my nigh quarter century spent alive, I aim to investigate the worlds within and around me through camp, sarcasm, and humor.  And as a young queer white woman, my goal isn’t to endear myself or explain myself but to simply bear myself. The pieces I c...
Ian Robinson
A painter that portrays objects such as books, records and ephemera, which behold properties that can define passions and hobbies. Capturing scenes that interest entire generations. Glorifying their physical accumulative presence and a physical relationship with collections. The still-lif...
Jonathan Bocca
life is just a moment that's why we need to change what we feel wrong 
Manuel Zamudio
United States
What remains of aesthetics in a fading world?  When the veil of order crumbles and the weariness of decay sets in, the soul of a society thrives or dies based solely on the affirmations of its unique individuals upholding what identity there is left. Although despair can weigh heavily even o...
Lori goldberg
The common object has often found its way into my art; from personal sacred objects, mundane for the viewer, but for the owner imbued with private meaning.  My recent paintings serves to open up a dialogue about our relationship to our environment portraying our objects that are discarded an...
Leslie Edwards
United Kingdom
Poulton Le Fylde
I enjoy bringing subjects to life with a bold use of colour and have developed my own distinctive style using acrylic paint on board, painting landscapes, wildlife, world events and occasionally including humour with a social commentary. I especially enjoy producing work which provokes a response fr...
Odo Hans
My current artistic explorations are focused around my collection of art catalogues. The catalogues are disassembled and pieced together again. Pages painted over, whole catalogues gashed and torn up. Art becomes material, these catalogues rearrangement an examination of the influences that shape th...



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