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ARTJOBS, over the years, has established collaborations and partnerships with publications, galleries, talent agencies, auction houses, public and private institutions to continue to discover and promote the best talents from the arts & creative industries.

Artist Of The Month
A competition established to encourage the pursuit of excellence in visual arts.

To have your work seen by 600,000+ visitors around the world, including world-leading companies,  brands, publications, creative agencies, galleries, talent agencies, collectors, curators, writers, and more, we encourage submissions from artists to take this opportunities to submit your best works and connect with our online audiences from 200+ countries ! 

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Anna Kerman
United Kingdom
Isle of Wight
Anna Kerman's paintings explores our emotional connection and gravitation towards the natural world. As we become more and more detached from it, her curiosity and connection with the wild is increasingly paramount to her work.  Recently her work has taken a more political stance a...
Zoe Beaudry
United States
My painting practice examines the dissolution of personal identity through contemporary disturbances to the boundaries of the self. Taking inspiration from bodily transformation, spiritual experience, and the increasingly ubiquitous use of online avatars, my work interrogates what human beings are m...
Claudia Sinigaglia
My artistic production investigates the geography of lived spaces and its related patterns, following research that ranges from architectural photography to the study of cognitive processes. Focusing on individual and collective behavior patterns in relation to our daily life habits and urban space...
Anne Moses
United Kingdom
I am a British practising artist living and working in the UK.  I emerged approx  7 years ago and have since exhibited both nationally and internationally. My main area of interest has always been the human face and form, encompassing universal recognition of emotion and sensuality s...
Nomi Hirshman-Rave
United States
New York
"I enjoy photographing flowers and create visual pleasing images. for the past 2 months I've been working in my Woodstock studio photographing flowers from my neighbors and my backyard and some from local and long distance farms. I usually spend 5-8 hours a day in the studio working on new images. T...
Andrew Halliday
United Kingdom
My artwork gains it's inspiration from architecture and the urban, the cityscapes in which we live and are surrounded by. I am continually driven by the energy of colour and it's effects on a scene. Recent technology,  particularly the digital cameras found on smartphones,  have enabl...
Islam Allam
Most of my artworks are currently classified as portraits (Digital Portraits). My artwork is a product of improvisation and listening to a music track while working on each piece, the music is randomly selected, when I listen to a piece of music and feel that harmony between it and the character I w...
The wilderness of my native Patagonia, the cosmopolitan metropolis of Buenos Aires, and the mountains of Colorado, certainly influenced my vision of Art. A fascination for abstraction was always present, even during my first steps when photography was my main focus. Large formats and energetic mot...



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