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Artist Of The Month
A competition established to encourage the pursuit of excellence in visual arts.

To have your work seen by 600,000+ visitors around the world, including world-leading companies,  brands, publications, creative agencies, galleries, talent agencies, collectors, curators, writers, and more, we encourage submissions from artists to take this opportunities to submit your best works and connect with our online audiences from 200+ countries ! 

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Ashlee René Thompson
United States
My current body of work walks the line of spontaneity and intentionality by portraying the chaos and complexity of life. This work is an interpretation of how I experience the world around me as well as how I explore my own anxious mind. The surfaces build similarly to stream of consciousness writin...
Vicky Talwar
As an artist, I use my intersecting social identities as South-Asian, female, post-colonial, diasporic and Canadian to engage with themes including cultural disruption, movement, and memory. Flower garlands, a staple in Indian tradition, evoke memories of my time living in India. Surrounded by the b...
Sarah Evans
United Kingdom
Oscar Francis is a London-based design studio established in 2013 by Sarah Evans. Sarah is an architect turned artist who is known for creating architecturally inspired prints and textiles. Oscar Francis’ distinctive work celebrates modernist architecture through the use of bold graphic prints an...
Yiran Zhang
United States
New York
My works are rooted in the inconspicuous moments of experiencing repetitive everyday actions and social environments. I materialize and visualize my perception of reality through performance, action, installation, writing, and painting. By recontextualizing banal objects, behavior, scenario without...
Anne Cécile Surga
I am searching the spectrum of the personal and the emotional, and how our contemporary consumerist society affects the way we live, feel and develop the notion of the selves. I am interested in how human continue to be true to their core in this environment despite the daily violence it obliges...
Wujian Wang
United States
I am a visual and conceptual artist who breaks barriers among people and helps the lost recall intimate feelings and walk out of their interior camouflage. In my photography, I recall the conscious and unconscious moments in daily life that are humorous, sensual, and spontaneously performed, and I s...
Alexandru-Ștefan Răduță
Four Black Walls I is part of a digital series made during the pandemic. It is an exploration of the process of self-dissolution under the influence of isolation. The relation between the self and the world is vital. A self outside the world is doomed to disintegration. All that remains of...
N. Carlos J.
United States
His work explores the emotional response, new forms of slavery, the tormented soul, and the language of corrupted thought. His work also sheds light to the subconscious conversations we have behind the mask worn. He disconnects the painted image from the common experience and percepti...



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