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Artist Of The Month
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Fotini Pappa
Painting for me is like poetry, a need of expression, a way to share my feelings and I am pursuing it intensively since 1997. A great piece of my work concerns projects inspired by poems. I use acrylics, water colors and mostly pencil which I particularly love. My favorite painting subjects are flow...
Bernice Liu
A selection of images from “Portals”, an on-going series exploring a world without the conventional notion of space and time, a world in-between places. These surreal landscapes evoke feelings of nostalgia and futuristic hope, created in reference to the conventions of Sino-Asian stereotypes, childh...
Yuwei Li
Yuwei(Kay)considers this to be the most soulful group of works in his paintings. In her opinion, all works of art should be reflected between alike and unalike according to the influence of subjective and objective factors. Too realism seems to lack the soul of the artist, too abstraction will decei...
Maria Letsiou
The art project is titled "Who is the hero?". It is my recent studio-based project.  Since the last years, I ve investigated water-based materials on paper. The aesthetic of vintage botanical illustration and the delicate appearance of water-based materials have attracted and inspired me. Th...
Duke Windsor
United States
La Mesa
Gold is the color of extravagance, wealth, riches, and excess, which hypnotize. The color gold is a warm color that can be either bright and cheerful or somber and traditional. Its cousins, yellow and brown, are also associated with illumination, love, compassion, courage, passion, magic, and wisdom...
Emanuela Iuliana Harris Sintamarian
United States
As an immigrant artist, my work is informed by the relationship between my identity to my sense of displacement, and the ways I have devised to reconcile those incongruous elements.  I am interested in perception, memory and the mechanics of motion, their visual translation, and the dichotomies...
Rikardo Druškić-Jekić
Bosnia & Herzegovina
My art is my guide in the search for the meaning of life and the truth that moves me along the way. I see life through art, and art through life. I use my creativity as a means of communication, first with myself and then with the rest of the world. I use the freedom of the artistic narrative to cre...
Ling Hsiu Tsai
New Taipei City
I see my work as slow activism of spiritual growth, respect, love, and realization about life and even death. This series, Girl's Dream is a series I began in 2020, a self-discovery into her deep secrets and comfort zones. 



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