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Artist Open Call to Design Limited Edition Prints!




LondonBaby and Brains & Lip are looking for artists to create artwork for limited edition prints for LondonBabys launch in Spring 2017.

LondonBaby will be launching with a totebag that contains one of a set of 20 commissioned limited edition prints.

The Brief

London centred, day-to-day, domestic themes and commentary of the capital is the creative direction for each commissioned piece. With works that avoid images of the citys famous landmarks, and instead focus on the lives, attitudes, environmental and structural details, textures, tones and personalities that shape the London of today, now and tomorrow.

Works can be created in any medium; photography, illustration, sculpture, paint, spraypaint, etc.

Each piece will be produced as a 12 x 12 square print - with a single or two word headline that will present the overall work as statement on the city.

LondonBaby will create the wording set on each piece, though suggestions for the statements are also welcome from the artist.

How to apply

To be considered for this opportunity, emailbrainsandlip@gmail.comwith a link to your online portfolio and an idea for your LondonBaby print. Please include 'LondonBaby' in your email subject. At this stage, we are not looking for the actual finished artwork, just your ideas and concepts of what you would do


Brains & Lip will then shortlist 30 artists, who will be asked to create their artwork. This is not a guarantee that your piece will be selected for the limited edition prints, however all the shortlist submissions will be featured and promoted by LondonBaby. Brains & Lip and LondonBaby will then select 20 of these works for the limited edition prints, and there will be a fee of 150 paid for each.

As a platform for promoting each artist, the LondonBaby website will have a page dedicated to each commissioned artist. The reverse of the limited edition print will feature text on the artist and their work.

Shortlisted artists will be informed by the middle of January 2017.


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