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OffSite Outdoor Arts Development - Test Bed




Outdoor Arts Test Bed

Test Beds are one of the new initiatives in the OffSite Artist Development programme, allowing Artists the opportunity to test work and gain valuable feedback from audience members and industry professionals prior to taking work out on tour.

We hope that the process will allow artists making work for the outdoors the chance to reflect throughout the development period and provide audience insight through feedback.

We are seeking 2 - 4 Midlands based Artists/Companies who are looking for an opportunity to test early stage ideas with a live audience. Further information can be found below:

  • The Artist/Company must present between 5 20mins of a piece that is in the early stages of development
  • The presentation will happen at Dda and will be open to the general public and an invited audience of varying ages, ethnicity and gender
  • The space available will be the Dda Theatre (performance area of 9m x 9m x 4.5m)
  • The scheduled date is currently Friday 27thJanuary 2017
  • Travel support is available pending further discussions

Deadline Friday 9 December 2016