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Boots and Shoes Technician Practicum






The Boots and Shoes Practicum program builds the basic skill set required for boots and shoes work in the theatre industry. The program will develop participants’ existing experience, as well as explore new techniques adhering to the theatre industry’s safety and aesthetic standards.

Specific projects will largely be determined by the summer performance programming at Banff Centre. Project work as required by the shows will include soling, repairs, paint, alterations, and leather work.

Participants are encouraged to engage in the broad range of workshops offered by other departments during the practicum program. Exposure to a wide range of perspectives and approaches is essential to the collaborative nature of theatre.

What does the program offer?

Participants will start in the Wardrobe department with the Wardrobe practicums, learning and expanding on foundational sewing skills and wardrobe practices. They will then move on to specific boots and shoes work.

Participants will explore various techniques and materials, and will learn to take measurements and perform shoe fittings, work with leather adhesives and paint, sew leather, draft for footwear alterations and repurposing, check for safety concerns, and perform repairs.

The program will also explore design research, historical research, and production techniques specifically related to footwear.

Who should apply?

A strong creative ability and visual sense are required, as demonstrated through a portfolio or photo summary of past projects. As theatre is a fast-paced, collaborative environment, strong self-motivation, an interest in a range of perspectives, and a desire to explore unfamiliar materials and processes are essential. A willingness and ability to perform highly physical work is essential.

Strong basic hand and machine sewing skills and an ability to visualize both in two and three dimensions are assets. Alternately, basic drafting skills and an ability to manipulate a range of materials outside the wardrobe scope are also assets, as such skills are transferrable. 

Successful applicants will need to bring:

Closed-toe leather work shoes or boots (steel toes are not necessary)

Long-sleeved work shirts and long work pants that can get dirty

Toolkit with any sewing tools and other small tools they have

Laptop (would be an asset)

Dates: May 07 - August 06, 2019

Contact & Links: 

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