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The The 70th National Day of China International Artist Residency Program Funded By CIEA· BA





To celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People‘s Republic of China, CIEA · BA Exhibition Co., Ltd. is inviting  70 artists from 70m countries to visit 20 beautiful Chinese Cities for an artist residency.

This project serves as a way to enhance the friendship between China and rest of the world. CIEA · BA is promoting the world peace and world development thought this art and culture exchange program.

The residency program “I love you China though my painting "now is open to artist from all over the world.

Date : From Aug.20th to Sep. 30th 2019

Application Deadline:  August 15th

Artist Requirement: BFA Degree

  Emerging artist and accomplished artist both accepted

Media:  Visual Art – Painting (No Photography) including oil, pastel, acrylic, watercolor, mix media and etc..

Subject: No limitation on subjects  (portrait,   landscape, abstract art)

             Artists are required to donate two paintings to the organization. 

Fees and Cost:

   CIEA · BA Exhibition Co., Ltd. Inc. will cover the artists round trip tickets, housing and meals.

  Artists need to pay for art materials and traveling expenses

Application Deadline:  August 15th


1)Artists will attend to city events and other culture exchange workshops

2) Artists will donate two  paintings

  Size 80cmX80cm or 70cmX 93cm

  [canvas will provide by organization]


The program will last from Aug.20th to Sep. 30th

According to the arriving date, artists will be sent to different cities (20 cities in total).

For each artist the duration in the residency is 14 days.

The cooperating cities will provide the residency services. (Tours, event, workshops and etc..)

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