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Call for artists & art projects



Would you like to spend time with a community of creative individuals?

Need time and/or a space to focus on a particular piece of work?

Are you looking for technical assistance on a project?

Or simply are in need to leave your comfort zone to creatively recharge?


D'CLINIC studios invites you to join TRACTOR international artist in residence programme for creative professionals from all the fields of : Visual Arts, Media Art, Music & Sound, Performing Arts, Design,  Architecture, Literature, Research,...


Within the framework of TRACTOR you'll be exposed to a unique opportunity to explore, expand and/or develop your artistic ambitions.


Located in the west of Hungary, in the historic city of Zalaegerszeg; close to the Slovenian, Austrian (and Croatian) borders, and only 137mi from Budapest / 20mi from lake Balaton. Famous for its natural beauty and rich Cultural Heritage, laid-back lifestyle Zalaegerszeg offers an inspirational setting for intensive, profound exploration, experimentation and/or creation within contemporary art practices.


Depending on your needs/requirements and expectations, we'll try to provide you optimum working conditions. The house, studio and its surrounding are suitable for all kinds of initiatives; the offered working space is flexible and generally adapted to each artist’s individual requirements and needs. (you can ask for a foundry, wood workshop, print making press, dark room & screen printing equipment, dance studio, ...)

You also have the option to choose and work with any of the local (art) institution and/or place.

TRACTOR is open to both individuals and groups / artists duos from all creative (as well as art-theoretical) spheres. You can stay from 1 – 12 weeks.


All guest artists are provided with a private bedroom, shared bathroom facilities, towels and linens, housekeeping service, and a shared kitchen, common area, yard/terrace, bicycle and wireless internet.


Each residency at D’CLINIC starts with an art-dinner followed by a “meet the new artist” event, organised at one of our partner institutions; here artists are asked to share (have a presentation) their artistic experiences with the peer group and other interested crowd. All artists that stay 3 or more weeks have the opportunity to present their work within an exhibition at the end of their residency.

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