Open Call: Landscape, AADK Spain




AADK Spain understands residency programs as contextualized spaces, where location models the practices on, and modifies both its participants and the local communities. Thus, our Artistic Residences are an interdisciplinary and socially committed program that offers its attendants a space for analysis and production. It aims to facilitate research in rural environments, highlighting the value of local knowledge as a mean to re-think how these locations can position themselves in an era of massive urbanization through a social, historical and geographical perspective. Throughout their stay participants conform a temporary community that shares experiences and processes, fostering debate and a transversal perspective of their projects.

During the residency period AADK Spain provides tutelage and curatorial follow-up as well as assistance in production and management of projects and Open Studios night on the last Saturday of each month. Moreover, participants are encouraged to keep in touch with us after their residency ends, being our intention to promote their work in forthcoming exhibitions curated by our platform as well as in papers, conferences and / or publications.

We invite artists, designers, architects and practitioners of all related disciplines to come to Centro Negra to work at the intersection of art, geography and local communities.

The residence periods may be from one up to six months, being two months the minimum recommended for the full development of a project. The amount of participants varies every month, but reaches a maximum of six projects (including individual proposals or duos / collectives).

Our philosophy:

AADK Spain is an independent project run by artists that works through horizontal dynamics.

-It advocates for the decentralization of culture and the access to contemporary art in non-urban areas.

-It sets up a space for transdisciplinary research, with focus on knowledge

exchange and creative collaboration.

-It boosts the value of creative processes over the need for finished art pieces.

-It researches new artistic practices with the aim of expanding the borders of creative disciplines and exploring transversal pedagogies.

-It is an organic and absorptive platform, that can be transformed and resignified through all its participants.

-It promotes the work of the artists who have taken part in the project, understanding them as an active part of itself. 

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