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NAIRS Open Call for Artists in Residence 2020





The Artists’ House is located in the bathhouse of the former spa hotel Scuol-Tarasp on the banks of the Inn river. It is located amidst the Engadine Dolomites and is far away from everything. Every month up to 10 fine artists, musicians, composers, writers, dancers, performers and scientists from around the world live and work here.

Fundaziun Nairs provides a space for focused creative work and an environment for constructive dialogue between the scholars. It sees itself as both a place of work and a meeting place. The premises include nine studios and bedrooms, a kitchen with a lounge, a large event hall and three-floor exhibition hall. The awardees (scholarship recipients) receive a private studio and bedroom or a studio with a built-in bedroom. Up to 10 artists can be admitted per month.

The artists pay a monthly fee of CHF 500.00 (costs of food) to Fundaziun Nairs. The length of stay can be chosen freely by the scholars. The minimum length of stay is 2 months, maximum length is 10 months. Artists from all disciplines are welcome and there is no age restriction.

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