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NEW DEADLINE Arte Laguna Prize 17





New Deadline for Arte Laguna Prize 17! 

Good news for all the artists! You still have time to apply to the 17th Arte Laguna Prize! The deadline has been POSTPONED TO NOVEMBER 22th, 2022 for all the ten categories. 

Choose your best works and apply now, you could be among the next 120 artists who will exhibit at the Arsenale of Venice in March 2023 for five weeks and win the cash prize of € 10.000. 

Admitted categories: painting, sculpture and installation, photography, video art and short films, performance, digital art, cartoon and graphics, environmental art and land art, urban and street art, art design.

The international jury will evaluate the works and choose the 120 finalists that will exhibit in the iconic spaces of the Arsenale Nord.

The jury changes at each edition and is composed of: Mohamed Benhadj, curator for the territories of North Africa and Spain and founder of AlTiba9; Raphael Chikukwa, director of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe; Giulia Colletti, digital curator for the Castello di Rivoli Museo d'Arte Contemporanea di Torino; Paul di Felice, curator, critic and art historian based in Luxembourg;  Chloé Hodge project manager at Tate Britain in London, curator and producer; Dick Spierenburg, creative director of IMM – Cologne International Furniture Fair; Xiaoyu Weng, curator based in New York and Toronto, responsible for Modern and Contemporary Art at AGO, the Art Gallery of Ontario. 

Each year Arte Laguna Prize collaborates with high-level international partners to offer the artists collaborations around the world, each partner selects their winner .

Arte Laguna Prize means infinite opportunities!
With only one application the artists can be selected for:

  • Exhibition at the Venice Arsenal  

  • Participation in festivals, individual and collective exhibitions 

  • Accroître votre visibilité

  • 5000 € for an installation in Siena, Italy 

  • 3000 € for a work that uses steel 

  • 3000 € for the best work that enhances Sustainability 

  • 2000 € for a work with the theme of water 

  • 3000 € for a project that enhances the use of digital art - nft

  • 1000 € each for 3 artists Under 35 

  • 36 days of exhibition at the Venice Arsenal for 240 artists 

  • Circuit of exhibitions in Veneto and Italy in 2023 

  • 1 exhibition in Beijing for video art finalists 

  • 1 exhibition at the Cris Contini Gallery in London for 1 artist 

  • 30 days of exhibition at the Biennale del Mediterraneo for 1 artist 

  • 6 months residency in Treviso, Italy 

  • 6 weeks residency in Barcelona, Spain 

  • 4 weeks residency in Bilpin, Australia 

  • 10 days residency in Favara, Italy 

  • 15 days residency in Lucca, Italy


Applying is easy and quick > register on Arte Laguna World and create your account

Check the Terms and Conditions > 

Applications have no restrictions; they are open to all artists. 

The deadline is November 22, 2022.

For more information:

+39 0415937242

Prize Summary: 
1 cash prize of 10.000 €
Prizes Details: 
  • 10.000 € first prize Overall Winner
  • 5000 € for an installation in Siena, Italy
  • 3000 € for a work that uses steel
  • 3000 € for the best work that enhances Sustainability
  • 2000 € for a water-themed work
  • 1000 € each for 3 Under 35 artists
  • 4000 € for the creative proposal that enhances the combination of heaven and earth
  • 3000 € for a digital transformation themed work
  • 36 days of exhibition at the Arsenale of Venice for 240 artists
  • E-commerce on
  • Exhibitions in Veneto and Italy in 2023
  • 1 exhibition in Beijing for the video art section’s finalists
  • 1 exhibition at Cris Contini Gallery in London for 1 artist
  • 30 days of exhibition at the Mediterranean Biennale for 1 artist
  • 6 months of residency in Treviso, Italy
  • 4 weeks of residency in Barcelona, Spain
  • 4 weeks of residency in Bilpin, Australia
  • 10 days of residency in Favara, Italy
  • 15 days of residency in Lucca, Italy
Arsenale Nord, Venice

Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
New Deadline for Arte Laguna Prize 17! Good news for all the artists! You still have time to apply to the 17th Arte Laguna Prize! The deadline has been POSTPONED TO NOVEMBER 22th, 2022 for all the ten categories. Choose your best works and apply now,
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