Bethany Arts Community

2023 Young Artist Residency

In 2022, Bethany Arts Community identified the need and opportunity to support a longer-term residency specifically for emerging artists from 21-30 years old. In 2023, BAC welcomes their second annual Young Artist Residency, running from July 24 to October 20, 2023

This residency is designed to offer a creative home to promising artists as they transition and deepen their professional careers and artistic practice. With provided support from BAC, Young Artist Residents will be able to devote uninhibited energy towards creativity.  

2023 Fall Multidisciplinary Residency

Bethany Arts Community offers residencies to emerging and established artists for the development of both new works and works-in-progress. BAC welcomes artists working across many disciplines and mediums, including visual artists, sculptors, writers, playwrights, choreographers, musicians, composers, performance artists, filmmakers, and more. Enjoy an environment where artists from different disciplines and walks of life can work in community and near each other, creating opportunities for generative collaboration and cross-pollination.  

Residents will be surrounded by uninhibited creativity during their time at BAC, in the form of other Multidisciplinary Residents, local studio artists, BAC staff and board members, those presenting programs on campus, and more! 

2023 Poetry Residency at Bethany Arts Community

Call for Poets!

In recognition of the 27th anniversary of National Poetry Month in April 2023, Bethany Arts Community (BAC) in Ossining, NY is offering its third annual residency focused on poetry.

Bethany Arts Community designs its residencies to allow artists an opportunity to enjoy an environment where artists from different disciplines can work near each other, creating opportunities for cross-pollination, collaboration, and connection. Residents will find both solitude and community with a small cohort of other poets and artists sharing the residency.

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