Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition (BWAC)

Fine Grit: Art & Ideas In Wood

Fine Grit is a national juried exhibition of contemporary artists who use wood as a primary material in their work. From traditional techniques such as hand carved sculpture, woodcuts and pyrography to more recent technologies such as laser engraving and 3D printing, artists have long used wood as a source material and medium. Wood comes directly from nature and each piece has its own unique lifecycle, evident in the processes artists and other makers utilize while working with it.

Particular interest will be given to artists who consider the origin of their materials and who use wood as subject matter, addressing topics such as forestry, ecology, architecture, human consumption and the changing climate.


Realism vs. The Abstract

A national juried exhibition. Color, forms, shapes, and subject matter are all concepts used by artists to express themselves through REALISM — art which aims to reproduce reality. By contrast, THE ABSTRACT is art which can convert those same concepts into patterns of color, forms, and shapes. Therefore, artwork of either genre can be submitted, This exhibition will attempt, by way of their formal arrangements, to draw associations between these two seemingly disparate genres.

RAICES (Roots)

RAICES (ROOTS), a national juried art exhibition that celebrates the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Latinx/e and Hispanic communities. The Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition welcomes artists from all backgrounds to submit artwork representative of the diversities, experiences, cultures, and traditions of the Latinx/e and Hispanic communities in the diaspora. Artists are not required to be of Hispanic heritage. All creations must be unique and original.

We welcome Natalia Viera Salgado, Curatorial Consultant and Associate Curator at the National Academy of Design, as show juror.



The exploration of how we perceive color and its subconscious effect on our hearts and souls is a core element in the making of art. Fiery reds, cool hues of blue or the freshness of green could all have different meanings to people, based on their personal experiences, cultures, and their time in history. As artists, we are challenged to examine and express the various shades of human existence in living color. This is your charge for this exhibition.

Exhibition dates: September 9 to October 8, 2023

Panel Discussion: Figuration and Consciousness

While all art involves conscious decision making, some figurations seem to reveal something about what is meant by the baffling term “consciousness,” especially in light of advancements in artificial intelligence.

Why Not?

Featured artist and BWAC member Sabrina Puppin asks Why Not? in her solo feature in the second floor gallery. Coming fresh off her successful appearance at the Barcelona art fair, her colorful abstractions combine a variety of materials, from yarn to enamel, to present a visual wonderland filled with textural nuance.


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