Center for the Visual Arts

The Landmark Building Mural

The Center for Visual Arts in partnership with the City of Wausau and Rocket Industrial invites design proposals from Mural Artists for a site-specific mural in downtown Wausau. This new mural will be located on The Landmark building on the intersection of Scott Street and North 2nd Street in Wausau, WI. A strong mural proposal will be a site-based mural representing the community, downtown, and its diversity. This should be a photo-worthy mural, with clean graphic lines, and be innovative and creative. Selected artist(s) will receive a stipend of $15,000 for the installation, and rights to the design for publication. Selected artist(s) will be provided all materials including paint and scaffolding, as well as a local mural assistant.

Change of Physical State: Metal Stone and Glass

Artists manipulate metal, stone, and glass to change their physical state, the form the materials take before us. In this exhibit, Change of Physical States works to highlight the mediums Materials and Modes included in this call: metalwork, jewelry, blacksmithing, metal casting, welding, stone carving, stone jewelry, found metal sculptures, glass mosaics, fused glass, blown glass, stained glass, and other artworks that feature the materials as a significant component of the artwork.


34th Annual Midwest Seasons

ABOUT. Original works should draw inspiration from Midwest impressions and activities (i.e. the excitement of summer sports, the fresh scents of spring awakening, the warmth of a hot cup of soup in the bitter winter, or the crisp autumn colors). Interpretations of the season may be broad and entries are not limited to representational works.

Art by the Foot

This juried exhibition of small works will include works 1 foot or smaller and is the perfect place to start or build an art collection. This exhibition brings back the CAVs fan-favorite fundraiser "Art by the Foot" combined with the popular small works exhibition model. To be included works must fit within a 1-foot cube including a frame or other display mechanism Works are not limited by medium or style. 

Each artist can submit Up to Three (5) Entries

Artwork must be under 12in or 1ft in all dimensions(W X H X D). 

The Medium Is Technology

Technology as a creative medium has a long rich partnership with the visual arts. As technology continues to change as does the definition of technology as a medium. This constant state of change pushes and pulls at the boundaries of Art. This show seeks to highlight artwork that is made using "technology" as a tool or medium for artwork. This includes but is not limited to graphic design, digital photography, 3D printers, NFT, video art, CNC cut or laser cut materials, video art, robotics, webpages, etc.

Roots: New Growth

September 2 - October 29, 2022

An artist's artistic, geographic, and cultural roots play significant roles in their artistic process and statement. New Growth hopes to follow years of turbulence with a focus on positive life changes, unexpected new opportunities, and the journey we all take as artists. The exhibit will highlight original fine art inspired by an artist's perspective of their "roots" and artistic journey. Interpretations of the theme may be broad and entries are not limited to representational works. This exhibit features awards.

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