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Open call for artists - Ecological exhibition

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This exhibition, named  "Invisible"

is expanded by ’The Three Ecologies’ of Italian philosopher Felix Gattari. The word ecology comes from the Greek word ‘oikos’, which means home, representing that we cannot be without nature. This exhibition will focus on social, mental and environmental ecology. We put forward the questions about why these three can not be separated, how to balance them, and how nature changes Invisible . "We have already challenged the planet enough, and now we are on the ecological ecocide brink," Guattari said. Either global warming or water dwindling is the problem that can be touched, but the problems still extend.

Prize Summary: 
Top three artists will have a chance to participate in the exhibition in Milan,Italy (Galleria antonio battaglia)
Prizes Details: 

· First Prize - Physical exhibitions and participating in virtual exhibitions, each artist will have artist profile on our website ( number of people: 3 )

· Second Prize - Virtual exhibition and Artists' works will be included in our brochure and we will giving away to artists ( number of people: 10 )

· Third prize - Virtual exhibition

Virtual exhibition will be hold on 15th June 2022 The

Physical Exhibition will be held on 27th June 2022 in Milan, Italy (Galleria antonio battaglia)


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25 euro
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