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The Harddiskmuseum's Artist Radar is an initiative to collect new artistic talents to bring them to the museum & to his new crypto folder platform called 721.

  • What is the Harddiskmuseum

Conceived as a tribute to the digital files that are the essence of the new media, the Harddiskmuseum questions, among other things, architecture as a synonym for culture.

Based on a 2 Terabyte hard disk,the museum universe is dedicated exclusively to digital arts and is founded by multimedia artist Solimán López in 2015 in the framework of ESAT (Escuela Superior de Arte y Tecnología) in Valencia.

The Harddiskmuseum tries to draw a confusing line between the figure of the artist, the culture management, the knowledge society, memory, the art system and the combination of new exhibition models,cooperative, innovative and thought-provoking.

  • And 721?

The 721 are the crypto folder platform at Harddiskmuseum.

This Decentralised Exhibitions are based on 3D environments, augmented and virtual realities. They are available to install in other other Festivals, Museums, Galleries and Art Center platforms.

These experiences, aims to gradually builds the future MetaDiskMuseum.

“Harddiskmuseum Collections” are curated packages of art by different artists that include an auto generated collectible image that makes each collection unique.

Moreover we showcase individual artworks created by the artists which form part of the Harddiskmuseum’s Artists community.

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To become a Harddiskmuseum Artist, you have to buy a 20€ NFT ticket. Thanks to this NFT access, you will not only have the possibility to be part of the museum and its exhibitions, but also to enjoy our offline projects, special infoirmation related with the New Media sector & the visibility of your work for our partners and curators.


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