Mauser Harmony with Nature Foundation

Phoenix Grant-October 2023

The Residency Program at the Mauser EcoHouse is all about providing a beautiful, tranquil and inspirational space where artists can immerse themselves in their individual projects. Artists are encouraged to be self directed and pursue their own creative ideas.

The program focuses on furnishing artists with luxury accommodations, ample work space and serene surroundings so that individual or group projects can be worked on and creativity can flourish.


Come to magical Costa Rica and be inspired and renewed!

Now is the time to schedule your residency.

Strengthen your mind, body and spirit by immersing yourself in nature. Let the clean water, air and sunshine be your medicine.

Our Eco-Conscious Artist Residency is the perfect place for all types of nature loving artists to come get healthy and be creative.

Phoenix Grant-October '22


*1 month stay at Mauser EcoHouse Artist Residency in Costa Rica in October 2022

*Shared room accommodations 

*Continental breakfast and gourmet, vegetarian dinner Monday thru Friday

*Access to 1.5 acres of charming, green, outdoor studio space

*Pick up and drop off SJO airport (shuttle service-days and times apply)


*Airfare to and from Costa Rica (SJO)

*Medical and travel insurance

*Lunches, all meals on weekends

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