FIRE: Renewal, Rituals, Power – NAHR

FIRE is the focus of NAHR 2024.

Fire, as an elemental force that has shaped the very fabric of existence on Earth, permeates every aspect of all life forms. From the depths of the Earth’s core to the celestial bodies that adorn the skies, fire is an omnipresent phenomenon.

AIR: Commons, Chaotic Fluid, Inspiration

The Nature, Art & Habitat Residency: An ECO-Laboratory of Multidisciplinary Practice is an art program hold in Taleggio Valley (Italy) and Santa Ynez (California) that aims to unfold and display a sensitive culture that responds to nature’s needs and uses nature’s insights as a source of inspiration and as measure of impacts on available resources. The ultimate goal of NAHR is to uncover intimate links between all living organisms in order to support more resilient development where humans and nature can successfully coexist.

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