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Occhi Arts Live Events

Occhi Arts and Entertainment is inviting musicians and spoken word artists to collaborate on planned monthly and quarterly events in London in 2023. We’re inviting all styles of expression to the stage, and are particularly keen to provide a platform for unsigned and independent artists.

If you’re interested in participating and would like to be showcased as part of our lineup please contact us at submissions@occhimagazine.com with ‘ Live Events’ as your subject title.  Please attached your CV/resume or any online links we can reference as an example of your work.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Occhi Contemporary Call for Artists

Occhi Contemporary Art is a platform run by and for artists to introduce their work to the public and across the contemporary art community. As part of international PR consultancy Occhi Arts & Entertainment, our purpose is to provide access and discourse between artists, curators, gallerists, and collaborators, wherever they are based. Occhi Arts  & Entertainment has established itself as a platform that successfully promotes the arts and creatives, from emergent artists to award-winning practitioners in the visual arts, film, music, dance, and literature.

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