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LANDSCAPES – an International Juried Photo Exhibit

Landscape photography shows spaces within the world that are sometimes vast and unending, other times microscopic. Landscape photographers typically capture the presence of nature but can also focus on man-made features or disturbances of natural vistas. Many landscape photographs show an unsullied depiction of nature, devoid of human influence—instead featuring subjects such as strongly defined landforms, weather, ambient light and other sublime elements. Beyond purely aesthetic considerations, landscapes often contain intensely personal and emotional subjectivities, hinting at secret histories of fondness, love, and nurturing, or past emotional turbulence, loss, and regret.

Dusk Till Dawn 2023 – an open call for night photography

“Night does not show things, it suggests them. It disturbs and surprises us with its strangeness. It liberates forces within us which are dominated by our reason during the daytime.” ―Brassai

Spanning two centuries, the magic of night photography has captured the collective imagination of the masses. From the infamously long exposures required by early artists to high-speed color film and the advent of digital technology, the light at night has inspired an explosion of interest among contemporary artists. Natural vistas, celestial bodies, urban landscapes,­­­ artificial structures, and nocturnal interludes represent but a few of the limitless subjects of nighttime photography.

EMPTY PLACES : ABANDONED SPACES (an international juried photo exhibition)

Through the visual representation of abandoned spaces, artifacts of history are at once new but decayed, ancient yet fresh. The past takes on new life in these forsaken, ruined, or empty spaces as we wonder, Who were the people who lived and worked here? What were their lives like? What were their stories? Where did they go?Praxis Gallery seeks the submission of photographic art that explores the visual and social significance of what is left behind, in which crumbling factories, derelict churches, private homes, and other empty places serve as the basis for creative investigation. All genres, capture types, color and black & white, traditional, and non-traditional photographic and digital post-production processes are welcome for submission.

The Constructed Image – an international juried photo exhibition

The concept of the constructed image encapsulates a deliberate orchestration of visual elements to convey narratives, emotions, and artistic visions. This theme explores the intricate interplay of subject, composition, props, lighting, and environment in crafting captivating photographs, at any scale. Through meticulous arrangement, photographers construct scenes with purposeful backgrounds, carefully chosen color palettes, and thought-provoking poses, blurring the line between reality and imagination.

Nude Geographies

NUDE GEOGRAPHIES (an international juried photo exhibition) The nude form has been portrayed in art throughout history, from the classical era to the enlightenment and the modern era. The nude figure in western art–specifically in photography–has expressed ideals of female and male beauty along with other human qualities including life, energy, and an array of complicated human emotions.

Praxis Photo Arts Center presents ARTIST TALKING SERIES - G. S. Broz

Friday August 18, 7-8PM, photographer G.S. Broz talks about his latest body of work, Yankee Enduro, which illuminates the twilight of the American trucking industry. Light snacks will be served.

Broz became a long-haul trucker expressly to examine the subject from the vantage point of an insider. His collection captures big rigs in their natural habitat and explores the intersection of solitude and isolation experienced by the jockeys that command these beasts.

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