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Open Call: Påskens Magi – Art & Crafts Jury Exhibition

This is the season when nature comes alive after winter, and creativity and imagination flourish!

We invite artists, photographers, and artisans.

We are delighted to announce our upcoming collective art and craft exhibition, ‘Påskens Magi,’ which is set to dazzle and inspire this fantastic season.

Applications for this Exhibition are accepted until March 5, 2024.
Exhibition date: March 22 – April 7, 2024.

Presentation of several to a dozen artworks, depending on the technique and size.

Create a captivating exhibition of diverse arts and crafts with us at the Royal Blue Visual Arts Gallery. A global VR exhibition will accompany our gallery's physical exhibition.

Interantional Open Call: Cyber World Art 2023

Calling All Digital, AI, NFT Artists!

Join us in our Open Call for artists like you to showcase your talents in digital, AI, and NFT art! As the curator of this project, I invite you to be part of this groundbreaking endeavor. We’re seeking innovative works that redefine the boundaries of digital expression. Selected artworks will be featured in a juried Finalists’ Exhibition in our gallery in Stockholm and a VR exhibition online to a global audience.
Submit your Artworks today, and let’s shape the future of digital art together!


Events patrons:
Alex Colard Gallery, Art exhibitions in Stockholm, Charity Art Expo, Designer Magazine Stockholm.

Open Call: Bleck & White Photography 2023

Hello Photographers, We are thrilled to invite You to our Open Call to celebrate the enduring artistry of black and white photography. With boundless creative freedom, we invite you to explore the classic medium that has stood the test of time, evoking emotions and narratives in a way that transcends eras. Channel your inner Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange, or Henri Cartier-Bresson as we seek to showcase the essence of life, emotion, and form through the powerful lens of monochrome. The absence of color allows for a unique depth and nuance, giving each frame an evocative, timeless quality.

International Open Call: Royal Blue 2023

We invite Visual Artists, Painters, Sculptors, Photographers, Craftsmen, etc., to participate in our special Open Call: Royal Blue, which will culminate in: - Finalists Exhibition with awarding Certificates to all Finalists and honoring the Grand Prix winner and Featured Artists. - Solo exhibition of the Grand Prix winner. *Both exhibitions will occur at the Royal Blue Visual Arts Gallery and online. *For Photographers and Digital Artists, we offer Artwork printing and framing for the duration of the Exhibition. *** The contest’s theme is Royal Blue – the color from which the name of our Gallery comes, and Wikipedia defines it as a deep and vivid shade of blue.

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