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A Window at A Space

Windows as subjects have been celebrated in human activities in arts, literature, and architecture for their aesthetic structure, cultural symbolism, and symbolic significance. They serve as a threshold between spaces, bridging the divide between the natural and artificial, the physical and the digital, and the real and the representational. They frame the passage of time, inviting us to reflect on the cyclical nature of existence and the ephemerality of moments in our surroundings. A Window at A Space calls for artists to submit works that serve as extensions of the mundanity of the window. Leveraging the gallery space, this show aims to foster dialogues between individuals and shared experiences on the artistic interpretation of windows.

New Born | Artist Open Call

A Space is pleased to announce the open call for "new born," where we aim to celebrate the multifaceted themes of newborns, spiritual essence, nature, and the rejuvenating energy of renewal.

Capture the ethereal essence of new life, the spiritual dimensions surrounding birth, the interconnectedness with nature, and the refreshing energy that marks the start of something new. This open call encourages artists to explore the harmonious connections between the innocence and vulnerability of newborns, the spiritual depth inherent in life's beginnings, the influence of nature, and the revitalizing energy of renewal.

Open to all visual art forms, including but not limited to painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, digital art, mixed media, and installations.

The Void

A Space is pleased to announce the open call for "The Void". This is a speakeasy art party in the void.

In the darkest corners of existence, where the void meets the infernal, there exists a unique and unsettling phenomenon—an infernal party that defies all earthly norms. “The void” is a theme that delves into the eerie and fascinating concept of a party that takes place in the very heart of the abyss, where chaos and celebration blend into a surreal and unsettling experience.


We are looking for artists with various backgrounds who want to showcase their works under the theme of the void. There is no limit on the techniques, materials, and mediums you use. Performance, sound, installations, videos, and all kinds of digital & non-digital arts are accepted!

Ripple "涟"

A Space is pleased to announce the open call for Ripple - an immersive performance & art party - in July 18th at iidrr gallery. Ripple (涟 lián) is a multisensory gathering that celebrates the nuances of diverse cultures. Just as the character “涟” suggests, Ripple encourages the connection of diasporic communities with water, evoking a symbolic hydrography within the exhibition space. Although water flows in many directions, it ultimately returns to its source. Our aim is to create a cultural hub—a utopia that rewinds nostalgic memories in contemporary new mediums.

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