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Portfolio Series: Local Materiality

Studio Montclair presents its 2023 Portfolio Series: Local Materiality, an exhibition of artworks that mix the sensorial with the cerebral and vary in scale from minuscule to vast, encompassing physical, geometric, psychological, topographical, and anthropological considerations.

The concept of materiality says that if we are to change the matter from which an artwork is created, then we may have invariably changed its meaning or message and what it seeks to express. In this exhibit we will be investigating artistic and critical approaches to materiality, focusing on the moments when materials become willful actors and agents within artistic processes.

Art @ Affair of the ART

On Saturday, November 19, Studio Montclair will celebrate its 25th year with our 4th annual 'Affair of the Art' event. This is SMI's biggest and most successful fundraiser - which we were unable to hold since 2019, before COVID. Money raised enables us to support our Art Academy, galleries, programs, and services throughout the calendar year. This year the event is being held at the beautiful Women's Club of Glen Ridge, and we anticipate a large and diverse crowd of art lovers, supporters, and collectors.

On the Surface

Studio Montclair is currently seeking submissions for the exhibition “On the Surface,” which will be on view from October 28 through November 26, 2022 at Studio Montclair Gallery, 127 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair, NJ.

Inspired by George Inness: Life and Landscape

Studio Montclair (SMI) and the Montclair Art Museum (MAM) will be partnering again this year to create a unique exhibition of art  inspired by a new installation of works by George Inness curated from MAM’s extensive collection. MAM’s collection is regarded by the renowned Inness scholar and local resident, Dr. Adrienne Baxter Bell as “the greatest collection of Inness paintings in the world.”

Inness believed that natural forms were manifestations of the divine; he referred to this spiritual dimension as “the reality of the unseen.” A master of essentials, he felt that a literal copying of nature would record only its transitory and fragmentary aspects.


When asked, no two artists can agree on the definition of an ‘Artist Book’. The possibilities are endless.

It is often an object that can be more visual than textural. Sequential pages or maybe just one, a scroll. It can be stitched, folded, glued, hung on cord, pinned to the wall, adhered to a substrate and framed or contained within a structure possibly influenced by the book form. Large or small it is usually a world of surprises.

Studio Montclair is looking for work which fits this very loose description of an Artists Book for the exhibition ‘Pages’, September 2022 at the Studio Montclair Gallery, 127 Bloomfield Street, Montclair, NJ.

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