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STILLLIFE Art Fair Open Call






When the pandemic hit, the everyday was hidden under blankets, forming silhouettes of normality waiting to be revealed. After a long period of restraints, STILLLIFE feels the rebirth of an explosive energy bursting with expression. STILLLIFE promotes the creation of a dynamic community through immersive art fairs that redefine the lifeless conventional white box displays. We are a movement to celebrate the extraordinary of everyday life in everyone's life.

Our first art fair will debut in SoHo, NYC from May 28th to 30th, 2022, combining interactive displays with the vibrancy of New York City.

We understand the difficulties young artists and institutions face in exhibiting and selling their work. Therefore, we want to lower the entry barrier for all of our participating artist vendors. To join our growing list of artist vendors, please fill out our application form:

We will also be hosting an ongoing Open Call where we will actively engage the creative mind and connect communities through generative activities.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out as we continue sharing what STILLLIFE is all about.

Hope to see you soon at STILLLIFE!


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Soho Residency Open Call







RES. 007 will take over one of our locations in Soho, London for a 28-day long duo residency. Our artists have access to their residency space 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the 4 weeks of their residency.

During this time both artists will participate in a studio critique, a talk and artist-led workshop from a visiting artist and an interim interview with photography of studio work. Artists will also have a £250 materials budget and a fully-funded exhibition at the end of their residency.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. 

N.B. At Changing Room Gallery we aim to offer as much support as possible to under-represented individuals and minority groups. For this reason, we give priority to individuals applying from BAME and minority ethnicity backgrounds, working class individuals, LGBTQ+ individuals and those who identify as disabled.

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Call for Members





We are putting out a call to new members.

For forty-seven years, from Soho to Chelsea, Pleiades Gallery has spotlighted artistic movements and artists notable for creating work that crosses genres and borders, generational contexts and disciplines.

We seek out and welcome new members who continuously refresh our high standards and uphold and explore our vision.

Are you a Pleiades artist?

A spirit of commitment to its artists and their art has always been a cornerstone of the gallery. Throughout the year we host solo shows, curated group shows and juried shows.

Pleiades artists reflect a broad range of sensibilities from realistic to abstract and represent a diversity of styles, ages, viewpoints and mediums. Some of us have had work represented in major museums and a number have been selected to participate in competitions juried by curators of prominent institutions around the world.

Pleiades Gallery offers opportunities for both established and emerging artists.

We invite you to submit your work for consideration.


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Art Nest Call for Proposals





The Art Nest Call for Proposals closes on February 18, 2022, 5 PM EST.


TOAF is thrilled to present Art Nest, a new initiative that challenges previous and current TOAF artists to experiment and push boundaries beyond the limits of the 10 x 10 square foot tent context.


Where: Nathan Phillips Square

When: July 2022 at the 61st edition of the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair.

Learn more at TOAF.ca/art-nest-call-for-proposals


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ArtWorks x Wentworth Woodhouse Arts Programme



We are working with Wentworth Woodhouse to create an arts programme at the prestigious stately home in 2022. Through this call out, we are seeking three artists who will exhibit their artwork in the space for a period of around one month. 


The exhibitions at Wentworth Woodhouse are a new project through which we want to provide our artists with the experience of managing and curating exhibitions, doing all the ‘behind-the-scenes’ work, to further develop their professional skills. Our artists on the curation teams have selected the three exhibition themes of: “outside”, “change” and “interactive textures”. We are seeking applications of work that fit within those themes. Based on these applications, the ArtWorks curation team will select the artists who they want to work with. The ArtWorks curation team will produce digital marketing material and design the exhibitions collaboratively with the selected artists. 


The exhibitions will take place in the Pillared Hall at Wentworth Woodhouse on the dates outlined in the timetable below. Wentworth Woodhouse is a Grade I listed stately home first built in 1735, although it has been greatly developed and changed since then. It attracts visitors through its rich history, 87 acres of beautiful gardens, including a deer park and lakes, and the longest façade of any country house in England. The visitors to Wentworth Woodhouse average at about 40,000 per year, and the Pillared Hall is in a great central position which is passed by all visitors to the house, its gardens and the cafe, and it is wheelchair accessible. This makes the space a fantastic opportunity for artists to promote their work. 


The first curation team is seeking work that fits the general theme of Outside. This can be taken literally, or it can be abstracted. The team was inspired by the vast array of gardens and outside space which can be found at Wentworth Woodhouse. This could be the starting point for artists making applications for this theme. Alternatively, artists are invited to go as abstract and ‘outside’ the box as they wish. 



The curation team working with the theme of Change has derived this subject from research into the history of Wentworth Woodhouse. They found themselves primarily discussing how the grounds and how its uses have continued to change over the years- from being a family residence, to a teacher training college, a base of coal mining operations, headquarters of the Intelligence Corps in WWII, a part of Sheffield City Polytechnic etc.. The team realised that having to continually adapt to change is a principle that is easy to identify with, as a common experience we could all relate to. 

For applications related to the theme of Change, artists are invited to respond to the following thoughts:

We all become different people through our lives as our circumstances change, and we all must adapt to things out of our control. 

How do we feel about that? How do we rationalize it? How does it affect us? 

This theme could resonate particularly effectively in light of the universal shifts we have all experienced in the past two years. This is an integral part of the spirit of Wentworth Woodhouse, as well as a common emotional experience. 


Interactive Textures

The final theme is based on transforming the Pillared Hall into an interactive space by using materials that trigger sensory stimulation. Contrary to the ‘no-touch’ rule in most exhibition spaces, this team is interested in allowing the public to explore artwork through the sense of touch. This theme is inspired by the sensory stimulation techniques used in activities which support the development of disabled individuals and people with neurocognitive disorders. According to the sensory stimulation theory, stimulation of the senses is crucial for the effectiveness of learning. 

This team is also particularly interested in artists creating an effective juxtaposition between their artwork and the traditional space in which it will be exhibited.



This call out is open to all artists based in the Yorkshire area who are over 18 years of age. Artists can be at any stage in their career and can apply as individuals, collaborations or groups. 

The selected artists must be able to facilitate their own travel and transport of artwork to Wentworth Woodhouse in time for installation of the exhibitions. 

The artwork which will be displayed can be new work, made specifically for this project, or it can be older artwork which will be newly contextualised inside the Pillared Hall. As Wentworth Woodhouse is a listed building, all artwork must be appropriate for superficial install, without making any long term changes to the building. 

All 3-dimensional work must stand up safely on its own, without the need for drilling into the ground. 

All 2-dimensional work will be displayed using means such as the metal frames shown in the photograph above, without drilling into the walls. 

Appropriate space will be left around the artwork, ensuring safe access for the public inside the building. 

We are open to imaginative ideas for new ways of displaying artwork and creating captivating experiences for our audiences without compromising the safety of the public and of the building. 

Artists are welcome to make an application for each theme of the call out, but we will select different artists for each of the exhibitions. 

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Burger King For Good Art Prize - Call for Artwork Submissions




Looking for a unique opportunity to showcase your work publicly and reach a wider audience?

Burger King UK is calling all London-based artists to submit their entries to the brand new Burger King For Good Art Prize. For the duration of one year, eight lucky artists will receive the opportunity to showcase their artwork on the walls of our flagship restaurant in Leicester Square, which welcomes visitors from all around the world! The winner, alongside seven other finalists, may also be featured on our website and published across our online social media channels, reaching a massive three million+ audience.

The competition is open to all. We welcome participation from anyone who lives in London and would like to share their visual art: professional artists, amateurs, students or simply those who want to give it a go and get creative!



  • Entries can be in any 2-dimensional medium in any painting, drawing, print, photographic or graphic media
  • All applicants must submit their entries in digital form. We will not be requesting the original artwork but a digital image, which will be printed on Canvas or Foamex boards for display.
  • For this reason, please make sure you submit a high-res image - photograph or scan.


The theme of the competition is focused on the ‘Burger King for Good Charter.’ We are interested in artworks that creatively respond to and incorporate the charter’s core pillars:

  1. Good for the planet.
  2. Real food. Real flames. No Secrets.
  3. Good for our people and our communities:

Artists should submit work that positively responds to and illustrates in a meaningful capacity the message of these core values.

Be creative. Think BIG and outside the box!

For more information on the Burger King for Good Charter, please click HERE. Please also refer to the submission guidelines (link posted below) ‘interpretation of theme’ for more information and helpful direction.

Prize summary: 
Opportunity to showcase your artwork in Leicester Square
Prizes Details: 


  • Opportunity for you to raise your artist profile and reach a wider audience.
  • Leicester Square is one of Burger King UK’s busiest and most prominent restaurants attracting visitors from all around the world.
  • Exposure in a high-visibility location. Leicester Square is known throughout the world as the beating heart of London’s West End. The square and surrounding area welcome over 2.5 million visitors each week.

Publicity and Promotion:

  • Prize-winning artworks may also be promoted on Burger King UK’s social media platforms and gain visibility through BK official communication channels.

Exhibition Space for your artwork:

  • Unique opportunity to exhibit your work in an alternative venue.
  • We will exhibit all selected works for a period of 1 year.  
  • We will present works with the artist’s name and title of work.


  • The winner, the 2 runners up (Merit Award & Honourable Mention) and the 5 other shortlisted finalists will receive a digital award certificate. 

Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 


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