Open Call | "The Poetic of Art": a visual arts exhibition on the occasion of World Poetry Day in Greece

Art Curator Paris Kapralos, invites artists who reside in Greece and Cyprus to submit their works for the exhibition "The Poetic of Art" on the occasion of World Poetry Day. The physical exhibition will take place in a well-known art venue in the center of Athens in March 2024 and will also be accessible online with the support of ARTgrID. An exhibition catalog-book will be published, available for free to everyone in digital format.

Accepted Artworks: You can submit paintings, prints, photographs, digital prints, collages, mosaics, sculptures, video art, or any other form of visual art.

Open call for artists - North Bennington Outdoor Sculpture Show - 27th annual NBOSS

The organizers of the North Bennington Outdoor Sculpture Show (NBOSS) are delighted to extend an invitation to artists for the 27th annual exhibit. The Artist Application period is now officially open, running from Jan. 1 to March 31.

To apply, visit

Joe Chirchirillo will be curating this year's show for the 12th consecutive year, and Jamie Franklin, Bennington Museum curator, will be organizing NBOSS at the Museum for the fifth year of this partnership.

It is important to note that applications will only be accepted through this online form, and submissions via email will not be considered for participation.

Made in California

This annual juried exhibit showcases artwork from all over the state of California. MICA strives to highlight artists in all stages of their careers and offers them a chance to compete for a number of awards, including the coveted solo show opportunity. This regional show features artwork from an extensive variety of mediums and explores creative movements happening in California.

Doorways: Coming or Going?

Doorways: Coming or Going?
Exiting, entering, departing, arriving, or lingering near...where will the doorway lead you? Is it a gateway, a boundary, or a transition point? Is it a threshold for respite? Does it welcome you in, or shut you out? This theme allows you to create art with the focal point of a doorway. We welcome submissions approaching doorways from any viewpoint.


Art Curator  Ms. Vera Katranidou publishes an open call inviting visual artists to participate in an exhibition titled “Diagenesis

The exhibition will take place at Chili Art Gallery with the organizational support of ARTgrID.

Artworks in painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, collage, and printed digital art are eligible for the exhibition. Visual artists living and working in Greece can participate.

A biblingual commemorative catalog will be produced for the exhibition in both Greek and English.


Flowers make everything better, even if just for a few minutes.
Whether walking in a garden, planting your own, receiving them from friends or lovers, viewing delicious Renaissance flower paintings or walking through the flower market in DTLA, they bring joy and happiness to our internal and external worlds. Flowers are symbols of strength, longevity, grace, balance and abundance. We need more flowers right now. 

Shoebox Arts invites Southern California artists to submit work for this open call exhibition at Shoebox Projects in Los Angeles, our alternative art space supports artists through curator opportunities, residencies, representation and exhibitions.


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