Paul Lorenz | Artist | Buckeye | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Buckeye
Industry: Fine Arts
Professional Title: Artist
Specialties: Visual Art, Conceptual Design, Performance art

- About -

My work is my autobiography. My work plays and questions abstraction and permanence. The pieces reflect my education in Bauhaus architecture, my explorations of line and content, and my reaction to life in locations discovered through my continued quest for knowledge. Studying architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, created the basis for all of my paintings, drawings, installations and music. Architecture and structure form the logic behind the way a painting is built and a drawing is constructed. How do the tools affect the making of a line or series of lines? What does a line sound like? Each work is an answer to a question exploring how marks and gestures can be created to form a complete composition. Being an artist-in-residence has been important in my development as an artist. Understanding my place in foreign cultures plays a huge part in the evolution of the work and a push toward the future. Abstraction is not a style, but a state of mind...a balance of subtlety and boldness, confidence and risk...the known, and that what needs to be found.