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moyosore michael martins



I have five years of graphic design, content production and brand development experience. I truly enjoy helping brands shape their identity and communications through visual design. I create...

New York


a great artist looking for new opportunities
Irene Calvo


Content Creative

London based content creator and producer with high levels of energy and passion for the current advertising and marketing landscape. From idea conception, treatment development and art direction, to...
Zinzi Samuels


Creative Director

I am a multi-hyphenate Creative with experiences in : Copywriting, Journalism, Culture, Art Direction, Creative Direction, Architecture, Advertising and Vidoe Production. Looking for new and diverse...
Remi steinberg


Motion graphics designer

I am a motion graphics designer and strategist working in a digital space with more than 9 years of experience in Video production, advertising and digital marketing. I recently decided to be open to...
Jason Dallam

New York

Graphic Designer

I’m Jason Dallam, and I recently launched my own toy line called modstir. I have a passion for toys, and I use my design skill set to change how toy creation can be done. My strongest design skills...