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Tusif Ahmad



My interest in art began in my teenage years when I started creating pieces of art doing pen and ink work. Mostly interested in creating landscapes and capturing and preserving the beauty of our...
Sandra Lapage

São Paulo

Visual artist

I am a visual artist based in São Paulo, Brazil.

Cape Town

Creative Entrepreneur

I studied drama and graphic design. I've also been performing as a musician professionally for the last thirteen years. I compose music for book trailers, short films and write lyrics. I was...
Lauren Michelle Peterson

Snowmass Village

Studio Coordinator of Painting, Drawing, and Printmaking

I collect devalued objects such as used furniture, discarded housewares, packaging, and textiles. I use these objects as painterly marks to intuitively build abstract compositions. Considering...
Kathleen McSherry


found object sculptor

Kathleen began her career in Advertising, then taught her craft in New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Her cartoons have been exhibited in Europe, Japan, the Middle East and South America. Then...
Julia Hacker


an Artist

I am Canadian artist of Russian background. I work as a full-time artist, combining time between painting, private teaching, and volunteering.