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Solange Leon Iriarte

Brighton and Hove


Art, architecture, writer and educator
Liz Mares



Liz Mares began her creative pursuits in 1997 and launched her full-time career in 2015. She has dedicated her practice towards painting, photography and digital media, concentrating on architectural...
John A. Blythe



John A. Blythe is an artist and educator based in Oxfordshire. John's practice is situated in and beyond the realm of light and time based image making. His interest is as much in the processes of...


diploma liceo artistico

hi everyone!
Anna Dee

Elk Grove Village

Sr. Operation/Purchasing

I am a bohemian artist from the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. I have two small children and been married for 7 years. If it wasn't for Art I'm sure I would have had a nervous breakdown long ago. I am...
peter holden

San Miguel de Allende


California native, longtime Mexican resident, spent many years living in parts of Europe and have traveled extensively globally as an international marketing exec over 30 years as a professional exec...