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Aim Logic


Automotive Marketing Company

AimLogic is the top-rated automotive digital marketing in San Diego, CA which has ran many successful campaigns for video marketing, email marketing, cinema graphic Ads, automotive facebook Ads and...
Alessandro Gaballo


Project manager

I've been working with cultural institutions as Communications and PR officer and project manager for the past five years. My main areas of interest are audience development and digital...
Bob Lehman


Marketing Director

Bob is an award-winning marketing professional with the ability to both strategize and execute thanks to his extensive marketing experience complemented by a bachelor’s degree in graphic and web...
Shea Seery


Social Media/Marketing Maven

Two weeks ago I graduated from Reed College as a comparative literature major. While pursuing a rigorous liberal arts curriculum at Reed, I have initiated and organized, for myself and others,...
Julian Howard



An accomplished digital strategist in the non-profit industry, developing and executing highly customized digital strategies focused in search and paid marketing, social media, content marketing and...
Tess Hansen


Artist Manager

I'm looking to gain a more solid footing in the visual arts through my 10+ years experience in brand development and communications and 3+ years in public art. I have extensive experience working...