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Beth Nichols


Beth Nichols Marketing Consultant

I am an experienced Arts Marketing professional, specialising in the marketing of U.K. Touring Theatrical productions. I worked in house at a major London agency as an Account Manager on major...
Aim Logic


Automotive Marketing Company

AimLogic is the top-rated automotive digital marketing in San Diego, CA which has ran many successful campaigns for video marketing, email marketing, cinema graphic Ads, automotive facebook Ads and...
Luis Guevara

New York

Digital Strategist

Award-winning strategist with a passion for the arts and creativity. Forward thinking individual with strong leadership qualities.
Stephanie Khattak


Digital Content Director

I help arts and cultural institutions engage and convert collectors using mission-centered digital strategies, multi-platform editorial/creative/brand content, and best practices in brand...

New York City

Project Manager



Cultural Marketeer

Having a background in the area of product management, innovation management and marketing in the industrial and consumer goods segment, I would like to learn how my knowledge can be adopted to the...