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Jewelry Designer

Lilian Syrigou was born and raised in Athens and Syros - an island in the Cyclades, Greece. She studied Jewellery Design in MOKUME School and has been actively involved with art since 2005. After a...
Keshma Tanna


Self Employed

Self Employed and Founder of Artzania - Art and Craft Activity Club. Running art and craft clubs for toddlers and after-school clubs for children ages 1-11 yrs. Based in Pinner and Northwood past...
Janine Ramos


Creative Business Owner

I am a forward thinking creative person who likes to create and develop new ideas and have run a successful small business for nearly 10 years. I work well with my hands and have an good eye for...
Laura Vilches



Graduada de fotografía, especializada en el retrato artístico y el autorretrato.
Armando Rodriguez

San Rafael

Artista Plástico

Soy artista plástico e ilustrador autodidacta, y trabajo de manera independiente. Con una vasta experiencia, ofrezco una línea de géneros diversos con sus contenidos temáticos, utilizando técnicas...
Marta Prigoshin

Buenos Aires


I am an Architect, artist, designer, working with glass, and looking always to find more ways to mix Art and Architecture as a concept. Born in Argentina, I travel from Buenos Aires to Miami back...