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Savitsky Ecaterina

My name is Savitsky Ekaterina and I’ve always loved painting and all related to this activity. I have studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova and after my graduation in...
jesus medina


graphic desing

I am an interdisciplinary visual artist. I am based in Mexico with influences on design and alternative media. My work deals with topics ranging from macro to microcosm. the disintegration of...



I am Chenipe, a visual artist who is making abstract murals, canvases and wall sculptures. My work has developed from painting graffiti and since then my main goal is to bring visual contemporary...
Zelda Mazor-Freedman

Long Beach

Fiber Artist

I am a fiber artist and recent grad
Martin Tomsky



I am a London based artist who creates illustrative, relief pieces built up from layers of laser cut, stained plywood. These range in size and shape from very small items of jewellery to much larger...
Akiko Matsuda


Ceramic Artist

Akiko Matsuda was born 1991 in Kanagawa, Japan. She was introduced to painting, calligraphy, music and pottery when she was a child. While at Tama Art University in Tokyo she majored in ceramics....