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Ashley Epping

New York

Creative Marketer

I am currently studying Marketing Advertising and Fine Art at Pace University, I am one of the few students who have blended a business...
andreia jenkins

New York

CD/ Copywriter/Account Executive/Production

I'm a natural entrepreneur. I ran my own boutique agency - Shiny Communications/São Paulo-Brasil - for 15 years, specializing in the creation and production of content and events directed to parents...
Augusto De Luca



Augusto De Luca, graduated in law, then became a professional photographer in the mid-1970s, working along the boundary line between traditional and experimental photography. With his style, he has...
Eftychia Maria Kondyli


Interdisciplinary Artist/Storyteller

Eftychia is a creative and interdisciplinary storyteller. She is fascinated about the era of digital media, technology and the internet. She is always exploring the different media and disciplines...
Yana Kasminskaya


Artist and Desinger

Hello! My name is Yana, I'm an American artist from New York and I have a BFA in Illustration from the Fashion Institute of Technology. I currently live in Berlin Germany but I'm willing to...
Shendra Stucki


Visual Artist

Born the 23.04.1987 in Penrith, Australia and grow up in Carona, a small village in Swiss Italian. She is the only of the three brothers that follow the mother shadow sharing with her the passion...