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Max Batty



An experienced senior level designer looking for a new challenging role with over 20 years experience within the design industry. I’ve always found a mixed bag of experience and multidisciplinary...
Kelsey Dabney



Kelsey is an endearing individual that possesses inner wisdom with a very good work ethic. Open to change and acquiring new skills. Her curiosity curiosity leads her to gain knowledge through...
Zorra Ram Kaur



My life has always encompassed the arts, whether it be as a child creating fashion for paper dolls, an interior designer, working artist designing and making metal sculpture and furniture, new...
Quinn 'sol' smith


Creative healer

I am very passionate about creating whatever I am immersed in. I believe that my multitasking abilities I can confidently attribute to being a mother of twins and having ADHD which allows me focus...
Kathleen Giordano

New Haven

Graphic Designer + Digital Illustrator

Dedicated and adventurous creative seeking an entry level graphic design position to apply her talent and knowledge. Adept at working within a team and independently. Art classes proved critical part...
Domenico Cordua


Creative illustrator - Painter/Art director

Domenico Cordua is a young contemporary fine artist originally from Naples based in London. Like a mythological God, stranded on earth, Cordua fell from the kingdom of arts because of his...