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Kiki Kiana


Art Director

Creative Art Director, Graphic Designer, Fine Artist, Photographer, and Production.
Rene de la Cruz

New York

Creative Director

Artist Statement I am, first and foremost a visual explorer, who uses digital and traditional media, to play with the here and now. Originally trained as a graphic artist, I am right at home...
Ansh Sharma


Senior Copywriter

Marine systems professional dedicated to the SO2 Scrubbers Development and Educating people towards IMO 2020- A greener future.
Ashley Epping

New York

Creative Marketer

I am currently studying Marketing Advertising and Fine Art at Pace University, I am one of the few students who have blended a business...
Katherine Gillette

New York

Marketing Assistant

Hello! My name is Katherine (Katie) Gillette and I am a young professional living in New York City. My current position is in Marketing and Events for a bank in the city, but I am realizing that the...
Daniel Lee


Marketing Director

I am Daniel Lee, I am a Marketer, and I have been associated with this field for years. I would like to give credit to Top Celebs Jackets for this article.