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Graphic Designer / Illustrator

I am a versatile and motivated Illustrator and Graphic Designer with 20 years of experience; working in both traditional and digital media. In addition, has advanced knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite...
Marco Panzarin


Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer
Rafaël Barnwell


Creative Producer

I'm a French Canadian from Montreal. I moved to Berlin in April 2019. I'm an experienced Creative Producer and Writer in the creative industry. From working as a producer in multimedia, to leading a...
Nurshafitri Binti Ya'akob


Content Writer

As an artist, Nurshafitri Binte Ya’akob (b.1996, Singapore) is constantly exploring the philosophical nuances in relationships and societies as a way of understanding her social environment. Her...
Lynn Estomin



Lynn Estomin is a videographer, photographer and interactive media artist who creates art that speaks to social issues. As an artist who deals with political subjects, she is interested in human...
Maryrose Crook


multi media artist

I'm a visual artist and underground musician, singer and lyricist. I've shown and toured widely in New Zealand, and the United States where I currently live.