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Kathryn Crowley



Creativity is simply part of every day life to me. Painting was my first love and I enjoy making abstract, colourful work. In recent years I have become more interested in writing, movement and...
andreia jenkins

New York

CD/ Copywriter/Account Executive/Production

I'm a natural entrepreneur. I ran my own boutique agency - Shiny Communications/São Paulo-Brasil - for 15 years, specializing in the creation and production of content and events directed to parents...
Georgia Hardman


Multidisciplinary Designer

Georgia Hardman, or Polly as referred to by friends, recently completed a degree at Manchester School of Art, where she received a First Class Honours. As a multidisciplinary designer, Polly...
Studio PJ.


Art Director

This is PJ from Studio PJ in Berlin. We offer Graphic Design, Webdesign, Illustration and Motion Graphics.
Sofia Gaafar


Creative Director/Photographer

Born in Athens, Sofia Gaafar was raised in a multicultural environment to a Sudanese father and Greek mother. Moving to London for her studies enrolled her in a course of psychology and advertising...
Clare Foster


Creative Director

Designer and project co-ordinator with over 20 years experience, generating and developing proposals/ strategies for products, interiors, retail, commercial and educational projects.