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Quinn 'sol' smith


Creative healer

I am very passionate about creating whatever I am immersed in. I believe that my multitasking abilities I can confidently attribute to being a mother of twins and having ADHD which allows me focus...
Preston Kirton


Graphic Designer

I'm a multi-talented creative with a robust, well honed skillset that produces visually engaing work. I have over fifteen years of experience spread out across various creative positions that have...
Glen Mendes


Visual Art Producer

I achieved a Visual Art graduate with а honors degree and MA from the University of UAL, looking to secure a Graduate position or similar to utilize my current creative skills and knowledge in art...
Nathalie Martinez Arzt

New York

Content Coordinator

Born and raised in CDMX - living in New York since 2012. Had a break (2016-2017) in Parigi. Originally from Germany
Anthony Blake


Educational Consultant

Art is my first love. I started painting at four years old, and took a detour to music, and was on the Smithsonian Chamber Players, Handel Messiah recording in 1980. I have been an educator/...
Eftychia Maria Kondyli


Interdisciplinary Artist/Storyteller

Eftychia is a creative and interdisciplinary storyteller. She is fascinated about the era of digital media, technology and the internet. She is always exploring the different media and disciplines...