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Alice Gioria



I'm an Italian dancer, that loves to create, collaborate, model and get involved in new exciting opportunities. Currently I live in Rotterdam, The Netherlands but I wish I could mix my big passions...
Allaya Sweet

Las Vegas


Fresh HS graduate, 17, older sister, daughter, aspiring entrepreneur/ performer
Cassidy Aspen Wagner

New York City

Freelance Dancer

Hello! My name is Cassidy. The last 6 months I have been traveling throughout Europe visiting Dance Companies, immersing myself in Art Museums and performances, and auditioning. This experience...
Isabelle Elizéon



I am an artist and researcher. I work on transdisciplinarity in my research and my creations around the notions of frontiers and globality in creation processes. I have been running a performing arts...
Harry Boyd


Professional Actor

I've always loved acting, ever since I was five years old I would always be acting out moments in my favourite films and TV programs. I am hugely passionate about performing in any areas of drama be...
Regina Hofmanova



I am a choreographer/movement director with considerable experience in dance/movement theatre, opera and Argentine tango. In the past I produced a number of independent full length shows with my own...