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Gayuh Juridus Gede Asmara


Theatre Director

Founder @canastacreativespace | Ra-mung Komunitas | metamythlab |
Grazia Capri

New York

Artistic Director

Grazia Capri's work, places dance at the crossroads of art, theater, and performance. Since 2010, Grazia has been developing a personal, original body of work focused on movement. Emotions take...
Lori Baldwin


Performance Artist

I'm a performance artist, event organizer, and freelance project manager originally from the US, currently based in Berlin. I'm highly organized, detail oriented, and enjoy collaborative and...
Marita Anastasi

Washington DC

Performer/ Collaborator

A dancing noodle with a BA in History and Dance. I am invested in performance studies research, dance performance, collaboration and creation of my own work in the arts field.
Patrick J O'Leary


Performing Arts Manager

Patrick O’Leary –is a show business professional with extensive experience on Broadway and at Regional Theatres across the country. On Broadway Patrick stage managed the original Annie, produced by...