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Dionysia Bouzioti



I am a theatre producer and director currently working as a researcher at the University of Leeds. My research promotes a new philosophical model on Greek Tragedy dance adaptations. I have a strong...
Cristina Pérez Sosa

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

peso producciones

peso producciones based in the Canary Islands (ES) is dedicated to promoting visibility for inter/national artistic projects in the performing arts market. we arose as a response to the will of...
Benjamin Wardell



Benjamin Holliday Wardell is the founder and Creative Director of The Cambrians. His dance training began in ballet and has since widened to encompass and ever broader range of techniques. In his...
Alice Gioria



I'm an Italian dancer, that loves to create, collaborate, model and get involved in new exciting opportunities. Currently I live in Rotterdam, The Netherlands but I wish I could mix my big passions...
Ludovic Coutinho



Ludovic Coutinho was born in 1987 in the south of France, to a Portuguese father and a Reunionese mother. He currently resides on Reunion Island where he spent most of his adolescence and made his...
Rochyne Delaney McNulty



Enthusiastic climber, average juggler, competent ukulele player, long time martial artist. Beginning to delve into the world of Clowning, directing and violin playing. Slowly amassing all the...